Greetings From Confetti Land

S2;E12: Designing Happiness (Part 3 of 3)

We’re closing out this season with our final installment of the Designing Happiness series, Part 3, where we get to the really deep stuff and speak on cultivating a happy heart.

S2;E10: Top 10 Things To Do With Confetti

While our people love the magic and joy of our confetti, one of our most asked questions here in Confetti Land is “But what do I do with it?!” Well, today we’ll share our top 10 things to do with confetti. (Which is really just a little taste of all 101 things you can learn about in our magazine!)

S2;E9: When Confetti Meets Cake (w/ special visitor Sara of You’ve Been Cupcaked)

In this magically delicious episode, we dive into an animated conversation with Sara Kenny, a passionate and super talented cake artist with a love for all things cozy and sprinkled. Sara shares her inspiring story of how she went from crying on her kitchen floor surrounded by burnt cake to creating incredible masterpieces that not only look amazing, but taste amazing, too. Sara’s infectious laughter and warmth radiate throughout our chat, making it a truly enjoyable listen.

S2;E8: Designing Happiness (Part 2 of 3)

We’re back for Part 2 of Designing Happiness where we dive deep into the world of intentional living by designing spaces that inspire joy…aka creating a happy home. We discuss how the vibe we create in our surroundings directly affects our mood, so when designing for happiness it’s important to pay attention to how we feel.

S2;E7: Fun Holidays

In this most celebratory episode, we’re taking listeners on a spirited journey through a year full of unique and lesser-known holidays. We go month-by-month sharing our favorite eccentric holidays, from ‘Preposterous Packaging Day’ to ‘Bright Pink Lipstick Day’, ‘Slinky Day’, ‘Name Your Car Day’, and even ‘Toilet Paper Appreciation Day’.

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