Need a Bulk Batch of Personalized Confetti for Your Next Celebration?

How Does It Work?

While ordering a confetti jar is the most special way to commemorate a celebration, if you’re looking for larger amount of custom confetti, we do that, too!

Simply read through the info provided on this page for examples, inspiration, and details on our signature custom confetti.

Note our regular lead time for custom order production is about 2 weeks (10 business days).

Think about what colors & style you want – the more info you give, the more ammo we’ll have, but we also love taking the creative reigns!

Use our custom order forms and we’ll walk you through the steps to order your magical custom confetti!

If you dream it, Jessica can turn it into confetti
KC, The Yellow Spectacles

The Styles

Signature Style Mix

$10.00/cup (min. 5 cups)

  • A magical mix of rough cut paper, sequins, and metallic bits.
  • Choose any colors, theme, or style.
  • Each batch is hand-mixed.
  • Our signature confetti style that is perfect for branding, color-coordinated events, craft projects, photo shoots, packaging, promotions, and more!

Custom Pieces

$0.80/piece (min. 50 pieces)

  • Custom cut words, logos, or shapes (See some examples)
  • Upload your own design to use
  • 12 metallic colors to choose from
  • Discounts offered based on quantity (per design): 50-249 pieces = $0.80/piece, 250-449 pieces = $0.72/piece, 450-1000+ pieces = $0.64/piece

Looking for earth-friendly confetti mixes to use outside? You can learn more about our biodegradable confetti here!

Want something a little more experiential? Check out our custom confetti poppers!

How Much Confetti is in a Cup of Signature Style Mix?

30 tsp = 10 TBSP = 1 cup

Imagine a measuring cup used for baking. (Due to the various weights & textures of the materials we use, we measure each cup of confetti by volume rather than weight.)

While how much confetti you need will ultimately come down to personal preference and how you plan to use it, as a general reference our standard mix contains about 30 teaspoons per cup and about 10 tablespoons per cup.

How is it Packaged?

Custom Confetti by The Confetti Bar

Our bulk custom confetti comes packaged, well, in bulk! More often than not it will come in plastic baggies (sized depending on quantity) so you can re-package however needed. (Note: Mixes and pieces will be packaged separately.)


Want to make your next celebration extra special and need some specific confetti inspiration? Check out these pages for more:


Jessica is a visionary designer and confetti is her medium.

We just received the confetti and it is FABULOUS!!!! You have exceeded our expectations above and beyond!

My confetti kicks ass! It’s perfect! Thanks so much!

I wanted to let you know that Lowe’s was thrilled with your confetti! They specifically brought over the custom cut out of their logo and said how they loved it!

I received our [confetti] mix and am blown away! You’ve been so awesome to work with! I’ve ordered from you 3 times and this certainly won’t be my last.

Are You Ready For Custom Confetti?

P.S. We’ve tried to make this info as comprehensible as we can for easy ordering, but please feel free to email us at if you want to discuss a custom project. The more we know, the better we can try to help!


Need answers?

Have more questions? Check out the info below!

General Confetti

Q: What is confetti?

A: Small bits of colorful, magical happiness. (or “small pieces or streamers made of paper, mylar, tissue, or metallic material which are usually thrown at parades and celebrations”)

Q: What do I do with it?

A: Anything you want! Decorate tables, put it in a piñata, try some craft projects, stick some in the envelope of a secret love note, have an impromptu party, or just throw it in the air! Tons of possibilities. Just don’t eat it.

Want some more specific info & inspiration for custom confetti? Check out our Custom Confetti ideas page.

Q: Doesn’t it make a mess?? How do I clean it all up?!

A: Not gonna lie, confetti can certainly make a mess. But it’s a beautiful one. Don’t be scared – cleanup is easy! Use a broom, small vacuum, and/or a lint roller to help pick up errant pieces. (And remember, you can use confetti for a variety of projects, so it doesn’t always have to be messy!)

Bonus: It’s kind of fun to find some stray bits of confetti here and there after the party’s over. It’s like a whole celebration all over again! (And hey, at least it’s better than finding dirt or bugs or something equally as gross, amirite?)

Q: How do you make your confetti?

A: All of our loose confetti is completely unique and hand-mixed. Making confetti usually involves lots of paper and an array of paper punches, rotary cutters, lasers, and/or die cutting machines in various shapes & sizes. While some of our metallic confetti is purchased in bulk, each type of confetti offered on our site is still carefully designed and hand-mixed.

Q: Can your confetti be used in confetti cannons?

A: Believe it or not, we’ve never tried! That being said, we don’t recommend it as most confetti cannons typically require a larger/lighter type of tissue/mylar confetti. Our confetti has smaller pieces that can be heavier so we don’t think it would have the same effect. It really all depends on the specifications and type of cannon, so use at your own risk.

Q: Are your products safe for the environment?

A: While not all of our products are deemed eco-friendly or recommended for outdoor use, we do offer a line of biodegradable confetti that include a variety of natural & safe products for outside. Even so, we still ask that you respect the environment around you and use some common sense and courtesy.

Bonus: We also strive to recycle as much of our confetti as possible. We rarely have any waste!

Q: Are your products safe for children?

A: Kids & adults alike can both enjoy the magic of confetti, but small pieces can present a choking hazard, so please keep them away from small children. They might look like bits of candy, but we certainly don’t want anybody eating them!

Q: Are the colors in the product photos accurate?

A: While we do try our very best to include product photos that accurately depict a product, because of the variances in computer monitors (and the human eye) there may be slight color differences. If it is imperative that you match a certain color, let us know and we’ll try our very best to help!

Q: How much confetti do I need?

A: While how much confetti you need ultimately comes down to personal preference, our general recommendation is as follows:

Confetti for a wedding/event toss: anywhere from ¼-½ cup per person for a small handful (be sure to use biodegradable confetti!)

Confetti to sprinkle on tables: anywhere from 1 TBSP -¼ cup per table and/or 5-10 custom pieces per table (depending on size)

Confetti as favors/gifts: one confetti jar per person, or order in bulk to separate into your container of choice.

Custom Confetti

Q: How much is a cup of confetti?

A: Let us show you with a video and pictures!

Q: I ordered X cups of confetti, yet it looks like such a small amount — are you sure you gave me enough?

A: We assure you we triple check how much confetti you order and measure out the appropriate amount! Since the confetti is mainly paper or other soft materials, it condenses down quite a bit in our bags, especially when the air is squeezed out during shipping (think of it like a vacuum seal), making it seem like there is less than there actually is. When you take the confetti out and “fluff” it, it will yield just as much as promised  — it really goes a long way! (Here is a video that shows how much confetti is in a cup!)

Q: Can I order just custom confetti pieces?

A: Sure can — order here!

Q: What size are the custom confetti pieces?

A: Each design is different so we don’t like to guarantee a size for most custom confetti pieces — we make a judgement on how small to go based on the shape itself and what we think will work best for each project. That being said, our general rule of thumb is to try and keep the pieces somewhere around 1/4″-1″ tall and 1/2″-2 1/2″ long.

Q: When will my custom order ship?

A: All custom confetti could take up to two weeks to leave our studio. (That’s 10 business days, plus transit time which will be determined by the shipping method you choose at checkout.) If an order is expected to exceed this standard time-frame for any reason (mainly for larger orders), we will reach out asap to let you know. As always, we will ship orders as early as we possibly can.

Q: Will I get to see a proof of my order before it ships?

A: Due to the creative freedom you grant us (as confetti artists) when placing a custom order, we typically do not offer proofs before an order ships. If this is a concern for you, please contact us prior to ordering and we can discuss proof options and/or samples. (Sample custom orders can be purchased here.)

Q: What/how should I use my custom confetti? 

A: Need some specific info & inspiration? Check out the following pages for more:

Q: If I prefer you charge shipping to my UPS or FedEx account, can you do that?

A: We sure can! Just enter the code “shipaccount” at checkout and put your account number / preferred shipping method in the order notes section.


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: Yes! We currently offer discounted wholesale/volume rates for our confetti jars & holo bags — more info on jars can be found here and more info on bags can be found here. Feel free to contact us if you have something else specific in mind.

Q: Can I order confetti in bulk?

A: Sure can — our bulk custom confetti (mixes and/or custom pieces) can be ordered using the links at the top of this page.

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