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Your new favorite (virtual) happy place. 🙂

Hi, there!

Please feel free to come on in, grab a seat at the (confetti) bar, and stay awhile. Here, we’re serving up some playful (yet profound) celebrations and would love for you to party with us. We believe life is a mix of all kinds of emotions and experiences – that are all worth celebrating – which is why we’ve created a space that uses confetti as both an artistic symbol and a physical reminder to embrace the messy things right alongside the beautiful things.

So whether you’re toasting to your own perseverance, cheering on a friend’s resilience, or simply savoring the sweetness of surrender as you design a unique version of happiness, this is the place to enjoy your own personal happy hour without judgment or expectation. To join, simply come as you are, fill your cup with confetti, and let’s cheers to making beautiful messes!

xx #TeamConfetti

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Specialty Confetti Mixes, Artful Decor, & Other Magical Things.

Custom Confetti

Need some bulk personalized confetti? We got you!

Confetti Jars by The Confetti Bar

Confetti Jars

Celebrate what matters most with customizeable confetti in a keepsake jar.

Biodegradable Confetti from The Confetti Bar

Biodegradable Confetti

Earth friendly confetti mixes that make you and Mother Nature happy.

Signature Confetti Mixes by the Confetti bar

Signature Confetti Mixes

Readymade confetti mixes in a variety of themes & styles.

Art & Decor

Explorations and experiments with color & confetti.

DIY Kits by The Confetti Bar

DIY Kits

Fun projects to inspire your crafty side.

Celebrations by The Confetti Bar

Gifts & Celebrations

Gifts, party goods, and more!

Clothing & Accessories

Unique apparel meant to inspire & express your true self.

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