What is Confetti Land?

Imagine a colorful, magical place — filled with confetti — where possibility is endless and happiness is found. A place where wellness meets kindness and simple moments of joy are honored. A place where it’s ok to feel sad sometimes (because life is hard), but hope & goodness triumphs over all the bad. A place for creative dreamers to call home.
Hi! I’m Jessica, the kombucha-drinking, happy-making confetti artist behind The Confetti Bar. I delight in creating unique, bright, and engaging content that makes people smile, and at the core of everything I do is my mission to spread happiness, color, and, of course, confetti. Here you’ll find inspiration & products to brighten your life with love & magic, because I believe happiness should be celebrated. Welcome to my world!

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Happiness is more than just a mood or an emotion — it's a philosophy and a state of being that encompasses everything it means to live a good life and thrive.

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