Welcome to Confetti Land
by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Because happiness should be celebrated.

What I Create


Specialty confetti mixes & happy things.

Custom Confetti

Need some bulk personalized confetti? I got you!

Confetti Jars

Celebrate what matters most with customizeable confetti in a keepsake jar.

Colorful Art

Explorations and experiments with color & confetti.

What I Believe In

Designing simple moments of joy.

Sure, celebrating is often left for the big things  — weddings…birthdays…babies. And while any meaningful moment is worthy of a confetti toss or two, I’m all about celebrating the small, simple moments that (often) matter most —  sleeping in on a lazy Sunday, laughing so hard your stomach hurts, or enjoying a quiet day at the beach with soft sand and sunny skies.

Joy is not something to put off when you “deserve” it or “should” experience it — it’s something to be treasured any time you choose to see the good in this world.

Sometimes we might need a reminder, and who knows…it just might come in the form of confetti. 😉 

What I Share

From My Diary

How To Add Small Art to Frames

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