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S2;E4: The Joy of Creative Chaos (w/ special visitor Julie Burbank)

In this episode we sit down with the amazing Julie Burbank and talk about all things artsy and messy! We learn more about process art and how to foster a sense of creative independence through play and exploration. If you ever wanted to feel inspired to create…or hear about that time a bunch of kids painted Julie’s husband blue…then this one’s for you!

S2;E3: The Confetti Couple (w/ special visitors Jessica and Clifford)

Get to know the couple behind all this confetti! In this episode, Alexis takes the reins and interviews Jessica & Clifford. We chat about how we met, what it’s like to be partners both in life & business, and some of the secrets behind our 17+ year relationship. We share a lot of laughs, we get just a little bit sappy, and we bring up just the right amount of Titanic. If you love, well, love, then this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

S2;E1: The Art of Confetti

We’re back for Season 2, filled with color, creativity, and – of course – more confetti! In this season’s premier episode, we dive deep into the artistic allure of confetti both as a medium and an art form itself.

S1;Bonus Episodes

As a little extra treat, check out these bonus episodes for Season 1 of Greetings From Confetti Land!

DIY Kindness Jar {w/ Free Printable}

Any act, big or small, can be done with kindness, and there’s no better way to store all the good you share – or receive – than in a Kindness Jar. Learn how to make your own (and snag a free printable of ideas to get you started)!

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