Looking for Confetti to Use Outside?

Want something a little more experiential? Check out our custom biodegradable confetti poppers!

Biodegradable Confetti Mixes make mother nature happy

Check out our selection of earth-friendly mixes that include natural & safe materials for outdoor use such as plantable seed paper, water soluble pieces, lavender buds, mica flakes, crushed flower petals, and more!

Looking for more information? Check out some helpful info & tips for sustainable celebrations here!

We Have 3 Different Biodegradeable confetti styles


A mix of water soluble bits, mica, and/or herbs. The bits are made from blown cornstarch, a water soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable material that breaks down quickly when exposed to moisture. The dye to make the colors are similar to food coloring (thus are vibrant and varied), yet also biodegradable and non-toxic. The pieces are small and fluffy, and sort of mimic the look of rice or snow.


Comprised of all-natural freeze-dried flower petals, herbs, and/or mica flakes. Since the petals are freeze-dried they retain their rich colors, and won’t wilt, stain, or slip. A favorite for wedding tosses!


Made from a compostable paper that has wildflower seeds embedded in the paper. It’s literally confetti that, if planted, grows! We source the paper from a company that is approved by the CFIA and the USDA for planting across many countries, and each batch of their seeds is tested to ensure that they free of noxious weeds and invasive species, though please note there may be some restrictions exporting this style mix to certain countries.

To add that little touch of sparkle to these styles, we choose to use mica flakes. (Mica is a shiny silicate mineral found in granite and other rocks. There is such a thing as synthetic mica, but we source a natural product.) We also have the option of adding lavender buds and/or chamomile to any of the biodegradable styles, which add a pop of color and texture (plus they each smell amazing!)

We Have So Many Color Options

SolufettiColor Options

FloralfettiColor Options

Please note that since our Floralfetti is made from natural materials, the colors can vary greatly depending on the stock and season. (Part of the beauty and fun of it!) The options shown here are meant to help give an idea of some of the color families, but should not be considered 100% accurate to what your mix might look like. 

SproutfettiColor Options

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