Greetings From Confetti Land - Season 2, Episode 9: When Confetti Meets Cake (w/ special visitor Sara of You've Been Cupcaked). Brought to you by The Confetti Bar

In this magically delicious episode, we dive into an animated conversation with Sara Kenny, a passionate and super talented cake artist with a love for all things cozy and sprinkled. Sara shares her inspiring story of how she went from crying on her kitchen floor surrounded by burnt cake to creating incredible masterpieces that not only look amazing, but taste amazing, too. Sara’s infectious laughter and warmth radiate throughout our chat, making it a truly enjoyable listen. Tune in for a lively convo that will leave you with a smile on your face and a new appreciation for all things cake.

We talk about…
♥  Why Sara yells at her cakes.
♥  The importance of setting boundaries and the bravery in being able to say no.
♥  The LEGENDARY Pumpkin Tarts
♥ Breakfast soup

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