Exciting news, friends! Team Confetti welcomed our new little bundle of joy on 9/25/20. As such, we plan to take a short family leave to adjust to life with a new baby. While we will continue to ship orders as soon as possible, we want to make you aware that any orders placed for the duration of this message could potentially be delayed. We will do our best to keep everyone updated if there will be delays more than 4 weeks, but we thank you for your patience in advance! ♡ (If you have a time sensitive order that needs to be received before mid-November, please reach out first so we can see where we’re at.) 


Celebrate What Matters Most

with Customizeable Confetti Jars

Readymade Confetti Jars

Our “readymade” confetti jars are ready-to-buy, pre-designed mixes perfect for any grab n’ go occasion. If you don’t need anything super customized (and want to save a few bucks), choose from a specailty, curated selection of magical confetti.

P.S. Most of the readymade confetti jar mixes are exclusive and limited edition, so be sure to grab any that catch your eye before they’re gone forever!

Custom Confetti Jars: How It Works

1.) Choose your style

Select our signature style mix or a biodegradeable option. Each batch is handmixed for a truly personal and artistic touch.

2.) Choose your mix-ins

From shapes to words to scents, add in a little something extra to make your jar that much more special. (*Just please note custom words/shapes are not available for biodegradable style options.)

3.) Choose your message

Pick a meaningful message that will be handwritten on your jar’s tag.

+Packaged in a 9oz glass jar — a literal bottling of happiness!

+All custom confetti jars include free Priority shipping in the U.S.

+10% of all confetti jar sales will be donated to The Confetti Foundation


Give the gift of happiness

To a loved one, to a friend, to yourself.

Packaged in a 9oz keepsake glass container, confetti jars are a memento that can last. Use the confetti inside at your next celebration, or save it as a decorative reminder of a particular milestone or occasion. It’s not so much about what you’re celebrating — it’s about why you’re celebrating!

These customizeable confetti jars are the ultimate, personalized symbol of a joyful moment. Because Happiness Should Be Celebrated.

(Interested in ordering multiple confetti jars for gifts, retail, or favors? Check out our volume/wholesale page!)

10% of all confetti jar sales will be donated to The Confetti Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to supply birthday parties to children who have to spend their birthday in a hospital, pediatric oncology clinic, or hospice facility.