Wholesale / Volume Confetti Jars

Looking to order multiple confetti jars to sell in your shop, give as wedding favors, or gift at a special event? Our wholesale/volume confetti jar options are just the ticket! (Min. 24 jars)

(Psst…Looking for general bulk confetti to add to your own packaging instead of the jars? Check out our custom confetti page here which already has bulk pricing & details!)

1.) Choose Your Style

Select our signature style mix or a biodegradeable option. Each batch is handmixed for a truly personal and artistic touch.

2.) Choose Your Size

4 oz vs 9oz jar

Decide between a 9oz glass jar, or a 4oz glass jar. The 9oz jars are great for specialty events and retail, while the 4oz jars are perfect for favors or gifts.

3.) Choose Your Message

Pick a meaningful message, fun name, branded slogan, or event date that will be included on your tags.

Prices below include jar (filled with a confetti mix) and a hang tag with a customizable line of text. Quantity breakdowns are based on jars of the exact same type (i.e. same mix, same size, same hang tag design, etc.) Adding custom pieces to the signature style mix would be an additional cost based on our normal custom per piece rates. Shipping is an additional charge that will be quoted based on final order.

Signature Confetti Jar

A magical mix of our signature style — rough cut paper, sequins, and metallic bits. Can select a pre-desgined mix, or choose any custom colors.

9oz Jars
24-60 $16 ea.
61-119 $14 ea.
120+ $12 ea.
4oz Jars
24-60 $9 ea.
61-119 $7 ea.
120+ $5 ea.

Get your confetti mix in your own custom colors, or choose one of our Readymade signature mixes:

Biodegradable Floralfetti Jar

Comprised of all-natural freeze-dried flower petals, herbs, and/or mica flakes. Since the petals are freeze-dried they retain their rich colors, and won’t wilt, stain, or slip. A favorite for wedding tosses/favors!

9oz Jars
24-60 $18 ea.
61-119 $16 ea.
120+ $14 ea.
4oz Jars
24-60 $10 ea.
61-119 $8 ea.
120+ $6 ea.

Biodegradable Solufetti Jar

A mix of water soluble bits, mica, and/or herbs. The bits are made from blown cornstarch, a water soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable material that breaks down quickly when exposed to moisture. The dye to make the colors are similar to food coloring (thus are vibrant and varied), yet also biodegradable and non-toxic. The pieces are small and fluffy, and sort of mimic the look of rice or snow.

9oz Jars
24-60 $16 ea.
61-119 $14 ea.
120+ $12 ea.
4oz Jars
24-60 $9 ea.
61-119 $7 ea.
120+ $5 ea.

Biodegradable Sproutfetti Jar

Made from a compostable paper that has wildflower seeds embedded in the paper. It’s literally confetti that, if planted, grows! We source the paper from a company that is approved by the CFIA and the USDA for planting across many countries, and each batch of their seeds is tested to ensure that they free of noxious weeds and invasive species, though please note there may be some restrictions exporting this style mix to certain countries.

9oz Jars
24-60 $20 ea.
61-119 $18 ea.
120+ $16 ea.
4oz Jars
24-60 $12 ea.
61-119 $10 ea.
120+ $8 ea.

White Label / Custom Hang Tags

Want to customize more than just one line if custom text on your jar’s tag? With our white label/custom hang tag add-on you can customize the entire front of your tag with any design. (2”x2” square with rounded corners.) Back of tag will remain our standard info & design. (For completely White Label on both sides with no trace of our branding, add $2.00 per tag to pricing below.) Min. 50 tags.

Custom Tags
50-100 $1.50 ea.
101-250 $1.00 ea.
251+ $0.75 ea.

Volume Inquiry

Interested in ordering a larger quantity of confetti jars for a special event, gifts, or favors? Fill out this form with as much detail as you can an we’ll be in touch with a options and a quote!

Wholesale Inquiry

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    • Unless otherwise specified at time of order, lead time is generally about 2-4 weeks. Each wholesale purchase is made to order, and due to the handmade nature of our mixes, please note that variations may occur between mixes and may vary slightly.
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