Hi, I'm Jessica.

The kombucha-drinking, happy-making confetti queen around these parts. I delight in creating unique, bright, and engaging content, and at the core of everything I do is my mission to spread happiness, color, and, of course, confetti. Here you’ll find inspiration & products to brighten your life with love & magic, because I believe happiness should be celebrated.

I’m also an HSP, so I feel a lot of feelings. I love sparkly things and I think drinks taste better through a straw. When I was little I had a green collection that included a green toilet brush. I married a pretty cool dude (see below). He is responsible for a lot of the digital awesomeness you see here. Smiles are my favorite. Welcome to my world!

Jessica Serra Huizenga

Confetti Artist. Kombucha Drinker. Feelings Feeler.

Meet Clifford, my other half.

(Both in life and business.) He creates awesome things for video and the web. As our Director of Digital Awesomeness, it’s his job to keep the technical side of The Confetti Bar running smoothly and strategically. He also designs the digital files for all of the custom confetti pieces we cut. (Plus he keeps me somewhat sane.) He loves to collect and play retro video games and enjoys supporting indie gaming developers. Making people smile is his favorite. 


Door to Confetti Land (2019)

Imagine a colorful, magical place — filled with confetti — where possibility is endless and happiness is found. A place where wellness meets kindness and simple moments of joy are honored. A place where it’s ok to feel sad sometimes (because life is hard), but hope & goodness triumphs over all the bad. A place for creative dreamers to call home.

This is what I imagine Confetti Land to be. It’s my little slice of life that’s constantly changing and evolving as I grow and learn.

Why Confetti?

I’m not sure if you’ve realized it yet, but life is hard.  There are pressures and stressors and both bad and sad things can happen. (Yes, even here in Confetti Land it’s not always sunshine and rainbows!) But that’s why it’s even more important to really take the time to celebrate even the smallest of moments — because there are still so many amazing and wonderful things to be grateful for. 

To me confetti represents all the good vibes I want to spread in this world, literally one little bit of happiness at a time.

So one day in February 2013 I woke up and told Clifford I wanted to open a confetti shop. That’s how all this confetti business began. And ever since The Confetti Bar has been my outlet to serve up lots of color designed to encourage celebration and smiles. It’s my art, the thing that keeps me smiling, a symbol of the happiness I think we all should strive to design, and what ultimately saved my life.

I not only make and sell super cool unique and custom confetti mixes & colorful art, I also aim to share inspiration and experiences to brighten both your heart and your home.

Since confetti is the quintessential symbol for celebration, my philosophy is simple: Happiness Should Be Celebrated™