Looking to celebrate with the coolest confetti ever? You’ve come to the right place!

The Confetti Bar is a happiness brand and boutique confetti studio serving up lots of colorful inspiration designed to encourage celebration and smiles. We not only design and sell super cool unique and custom confetti mixes, we also share inspiration and ideas for making your life more happy, colorful, and fun!

Since confetti is the quintessential symbol for celebration, our philosophy is simple: that all of life’s moments — big or small — should be honored in a fun, special, and unique way.



In our shop we currently offer specialty confetti (generally sold per cup) in our signature style, which includes rough cut paper, metallic bits, and sequins (plus a touch of magic!) We also offer three biodegradable styles that include water soluble pieces, seed paper, herbs, mica, and/or flower petals. Each batch is carefully designed and hand mixed for the ultimate unique and artistic confetti experience. 

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The Confetti Bar Packaging

Looking to add some color and fun to your life? We specialize in custom & exclusive confetti mixes for any occasion where you can add just about any custom shape or word into a mix. You can also browse our shop for ready to ship styles, and feel free to check out our idea gallery for some inspiration. Looking for some more info? Try our FAQ page or drop us a line


The Confetti Bar Products

+Our confetti is hand mixed! While we do have the help of some small machinery, every batch of confetti that comes out of our studio is still handmade. Paper colors and materials are hand selected for each mix before being cut up and swirled together, and for our custom cut pieces each one is cut individually (Yup – that means it’s quite time consuming, but this is what allows us to have the most control over the designs!)

+Our confetti is made in the US! All of the confetti sold on this site is made in our studio located in central CT. While some of our sequins and metallic shred may originate overseas, we personally try to purchase supplies from North American based companies first. (We love supporting local when we can!)

+Our confetti is artistically designed with love! Sure when you order something from us you get a really cool physical product to use in all sorts of ways, but it actually makes us rather sad if you think our confetti is just disposable paper shreds. We see each and every mix as a little piece of art we’ve created, and we want the confetti to represent all the happiness and fun that goes into making it. Just like we hope you feel inspired every time you see that favorite painting or photograph you hung on your wall, we hope you feel inspired to celebrate (both literally and figuratively) every time you receive a cheerful confetti mix.


Confetti King & Queen


Confetti Jessica

Jessica Serra Huizenga

Chief Confetti Thrower & Expert Confetti Mixologist

Confetti Artist | Creative Dreamer | Romance Author

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am head confetti artist around these parts. I design every single batch of confetti that leaves our studio and it is my mission in life to spread happiness & confetti all around. I love glitter and I think drinks taste better through a straw. When I was little I had a green collection that included a green toilet brush. I married a pretty cool dude (see below). He is responsible for this whole fancy website. Smiles are my favorite. Sometimes I also write books about love, and I don’t eat sugar. Wanna know anything else? I accept bribes. Or you could just ask and say pretty please with (no) sugar on top. (Photos by Shaina Lee Photography)


Confetti Clifford

Clifford Huizenga

Director of Digital Awesomeness

Strategist | Web Developer | Creative Director | Gamer


Heyo! I’m Cliffpro and I create awesome things for video and the web. It’s my job to keep the technical side of The Confetti Bar running smoothly and strategically.  I also design the digital files for all of the custom confetti pieces we cut. I love to collect and play retro video games and enjoy supporting indie gaming developers. When I was little I didn’t speak until I was 3; I’ve been making up for lost time ever since. I married a very awesome gal (see above). She is responsible for all the confetti you see on this fancy website. Making people smile is my favorite. I have my own site over at Cliffpro.co where I help small businesses grow by offering the simplest, most cost-effective digital strategies and techniques that will make your online presence flow in a way that works for your unique brand. If you know what Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas is, I will give you a high five. (Photos by Shaina Lee Photography)


The Confetti Bar


We’re not sure if you’ve realized it yet, but life is hard.  There are pressures and stressors and both bad and sad things can happen. (Yes, even here in Confetti Land it’s not always sunshine and rainbows!) But that’s why it’s even more important to us to really take the time to celebrate even the smallest of moments — because there are so many amazing and wonderful things to be grateful for. To us confetti represents all the good vibes and smiles we want to spread in this world, literally one little bit of happiness at a time.  

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.”
– Mandy Hale

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