Exciting news, friends! Team Confetti welcomed our new little bundle of joy on 9/25/20. As such, we plan to take a short family leave to adjust to life with a new baby. While we will continue to ship orders as soon as possible, we want to make you aware that any orders placed for the duration of this message could potentially be delayed. We will do our best to keep everyone updated if there will be delays more than 4 weeks, but we thank you for your patience in advance! ♡ (If you have a time sensitive order that needs to be received before mid-November, please reach out first so we can see where we’re at.) 


Terms and Conditions

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  • Unless otherwise explicitly noted & confirmed, we will ship your package to the address exactly as it is provided in the “Shipping Address” field (so please be sure to include full names/company names/suite numbers/etc.). If an item is returned or marked as undeliverable even though we use the exact address provided, we assume no liability and will unfortunately not be able to refund orders. Arrangements can be made to resend an order at the customer’s expense.


  • If you are looking to get a particular custom character / logo, you may be asked to submit proof of ownership over the design. We believe in respecting everyone’s intellectual property, so we will not be able to provide confetti that uses copyrighted or trademarked materials without proof that we have the rights and permission to use it.


  • We respect your privacy and do our best to protect it. With that, we have updated our Privacy Policy for you to better understand what kind of data we collect from your visits to our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, feel free to contact us at party@theconfettibar.com.