Greetings From Confetti Land - Season 2, Episode 5: Designing Happiness (Part 2 of 3)

We’re back for Part 2 of Designing Happiness where we dive deep into the world of intentional living by designing spaces that inspire joy…aka creating a happy home. We discuss how the vibe we create in our surroundings directly affects our mood, so when designing for happiness it’s important to pay attention to how we feel. Listen as we share personal anecdotes, our love for color and art, the importance of designing for the senses, and how even the tiniest details can spark happiness. We also touch on the importance of acknowledging change and evolving our spaces to reflect different seasons of life. This episode is a delightful exploration of how we can design our homes, surroundings – and ultimately our lives – to reflect our personal happiness and inspire joy.

We talk about…
♥ What we really mean by the concept of “home.”
♥ Designing a space for the senses.
♥ How to connect your feelings with what you surround yourself with.
♥ Curating your own unique style by including all the things you love.