Art by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Colorful, mixed-media statement pieces that explore themes of inspiration, magic, and joy.

art by jessica serra huizenga

When your heart pumps glitter and your brain is filled with confetti, it’s hard not to overflow with colorful, creative ideas. Art (in a variety of forms — including my hand-mixed confetti!) is a way for me to play & explore with no rules or expectations, and I’m honored to share some of these artistic explorations with you.

Welcome To Confetti Land

Please, come on in and we can chat over a cold glass of kombucha or a warm cup of chamomile tea. About art. Glitter. Feelings. Love.

We can cry over the sad stuff. Crush on the good stuff. Smile about the beautiful stuff.

We’ll notice how the light illuminates the dark.

We’ll dream with our hearts in our hands.

We’ll keep our eyes wide open to all the amazing possibility out there to be found.

We’ll laugh at the fun of it all, discover who we want to be, and celebrate this crazy thing called life by playing with lots of confetti!

xx JSH

art studio of jessica serra huizenga

Hi! I’m Jessica Serra Huizenga, aka JSH

artist jessica serra huizenga

Confetti Artist  |  Light Chaser  |  Happy Maker


artist jessica serra huizenga

I love working with different elements for creating something truly unique — there is a reason my confetti mixes utilize various shades/textures of paper, metallic bits, sequins, etc. It keeps things dynamic and is so much more interesting than “flat” confetti (in my opinion, of course). It’s hard to evoke a feeling or mood or style with just one color or material, but mix them all together? That’s where the magic is.

So not only do I consider my confetti mixes themselves little works of art, but I constantly challenge myself to take it a step further — how can I use these mixes both as an art form on their own AND a medium to incorporate into new work?

My art is a celebration of feeling feelings, exploring the unexpected, and finding happiness. I hope you find something that speaks from my soul to yours. <3


Please note this is a sampling of selected works. For a full portfolio, artist statement, and additional photos/info for interviews, features, or media requests, please contact Jessica via email.

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Want something even more special or unqiue to your colors, theme, or style? I’m open to dicsussing a custom commissioned art piece, so feel free to reach out with what you’re looking for!

Have a meaningful moment to commemorate or simply want an oh so special way to celebrate? Signature confetti is always a good idea. 

collage art print by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Ready To Hang Framed Art Prints

more glitter darling please framed art collage print by Jessica Serra Huizenga

The art & products you find in The Annex feature original art & designs by Jessica Serra Huizenga, but are crafted and shipped by a few select manufacturing partners.

For art packed and shipped directly by Jessica, shop here.

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