If you’ve been hanging around Confetti Land for a while, you know just how much physical space & emotions are connected. From the colors we choose to the happy homes we curate, there are intentional ways we can add more joy and excitement to any space. Colorful interior design is one way to achieve a happier environment created specifically to inspire, so here are 5 hot tips for designing your own bright & joyful spot. 

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1. Start With Either A Theme Or A Color Scheme

Designing a new space — whether beginning from scratch or simply inviting a refresh — can be intimidating, especially when just starting out. There are so many possibilities it can be difficult to know where to even begin.

That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a singular theme or color scheme before letting the rest of the pieces fall into place.

By having a set theme/palette, it gives you something by which to anchor the rest of the design. When making choices for the space, you always have that foundation to turn to, even if the overall design ends up evolving.

Inspirational Themes

When it comes to choosing a theme, my philosophy is the more unique and specific, the better. Try combining some of your favorite design styles, colors, or interests to see if you can come up with something fun!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Urban jungle
  • Tropical disco
  • 60’s garden party
  • Coastal glam
  • Rustic fiesta

Color Palettes

As far as a color palette goes, I tend to think less is more, as you can always build upon it as you go. Starting with only 1-3 colors as a base is usually more than enough to jumpstart a more colorful look, as you slowly start to incorporate additional hues that still go with your foundational colors.

Also, the colors you pick can be the base for larger walls/furniture, or they can be your accent colors to pop against a more neutral backdrop.

Some great resources for finding pre-made color palettes are Design Seeds, Color Hunt, and Color Snap (which allows you to upload your own inspiration photo to generate a palette!)


Don’t forget patterns and textures (including basic shapes) can also be included as part of your base theme / color scheme, such as faux fur, damask, geometric, or chevron.

To get really clear and specific, you can combine a theme with a color scheme, i.e. “Coastal glam with pops of neon” or “Urban jungle with deep purple, bright orange, and animal prints.”

2. Be Specific And Intentional With Where You Add Color

When people hear “colorful,” it’s easy to immediately think of rainbow explosions and a maximalist aesthetic, but in all honestly color can be just as (if not more) effective when chosen intentionally and sparingly.

That’s not to say you can’t add #allthecolors if you really want to, but I promise you can still achieve a colorful interior design aesthetic with a clean and minimal approach.

To be extra mindful about where you add color in a room, consider the placement in relation to all other pieces in the space.

Where To Add Color

  • a door
  • the inside of a doorway/archway
  • the window trim / window frame
  • a single accent wall
  • the ceiling
  • your furniture and/or accessories (pillows, rugs, art, etc.)
  • the staircase

3. Remember To Keep Some White Space / Open Space

While color is the name of the game, to make it truly impactful you’ll want to keep the overall space light and bright for a full effect, as this will highlight the colors you do choose to incorporate.

White (or other light colors) allow for your more colorful hues to have some breathing room to truly sing.

4. Include A Variety Of Decor Pieces

Unless you prefer a very minimalistic, uniform, and sparse style, the coziest and most intriguing spaces tend to have a bit of variety to them.

When considering the decor for your space, think about adding a variety of plants, textural elements (textiles, furniture, rugs, pillows), sentimental kick-knacks, and art.

Even if you decide to stick with a common theme or element, you can still have variety within it. For example, maybe you want to fill a shelf solely with drinking glasses. To keep it interesting and varied, add cups in all different colors with some that are tall, some that are short, some that are smooth, and some that have texture or cool shapes.

5. Get Creative With Unique & Unexpected Features

A swing in your living room? A little library to share books with friends/family? Maybe a water fountain in the bathroom?

Nothing delights more than a unique and unexpected feature in a space, so don’t be afraid to think out side the box here!

Customizing DIY projects is also a fantastic way to not only come up with something truly one-of-a-kind for your space, but will also add that special handmade touch.

Inspirational Ideas

  • an indoor swing
  • a little library (either inside or outside!)
  • a water fountain/water feature
  • a plant wall
  • some rainbow window clings*


While the above tips are a great jumping off point to begin developing your own colorful interior design plan, here are some additional inspirational resources to get some ideas flowing!


Pinterest is one of my go-to sources for all kinds of inspiration, interior design included! My own House and Home Pinterest board is where I collect all kinds of colorful inspo.

The key here is not necessarily to try and replicate an exact room or space as you might see it in a photo, but rather pick up on the particular elements you find intriguing so you can put your own spin on it. 


Next time you’re bingeing your favorite rerun or checking out that new hit series, pay extra close attention to the interiors and set design of movies and tv shows. These curated worlds and spaces often have a lot of thought put into them, with entire teams carefully selecting palettes and decor.

For modern, colorful interior design ideas I’m a personal fan of the shows Dollface and The Bold Type.


While there are numerous home decor bloggers out on the interwebs, to find inspiration for your own personal aesthetic it’s best to track down those who share a style similar to that you’re trying to achieve.

Some of my colorful faves are At Home With Ashley, Studio DIYSugar & Cloth, and A Beautiful Mess. (And of course let’s not forget the House & Home Inspiration Center here in Confetti Land!)


There’s something special about flipping through a tangible medium when searching for inspiration, so books and magazines are still a go-to of mine. Consider snapping & printing pics/making copies/tearing out magazine photos and starting your own physical inspiration board. (Fabric swatches are fun to include with this, too!)

Some of my favorite colorful interior inspo books are This Can Be Beautiful* by Tiffany Pratt, Hello Color* by Rachel Mae Smith, Happy Home* by Jennifer Paganelli, and Home.* + Keeping House* by Emma Blomfield.

Some of my favorite home decor magazines to flip through are House Beautiful, Origin, and Better Homes & Gardens.

Just Add Joy

spring shelves

Of course, the most important element to include in any space — no matter the theme or color scheme — is joy. Anything that brings you joy is a must to include, whether it “fits” or not. (Because the truth is, if it makes you happy, it does in fact 100% fit!)

Need a little push to figure out what exactly does bring you joy? A good place to start is the Designing Happiness series — there’s even a free workbook to help you put pen to paper and start designing a life (and spaces!) you love.