Comment Policy

The comments are a community space where we all share and learn and grow, together.

We help each other out. We’re polite. We’re respectful.

Listen, I want this to be a fun, supportive, inspiring place full of amazing people. I have better things to do than worry if people will abuse this space. We’re in an age when it’s easy to hide behind a keyboard and say whatever we want, regardless of consequences, but this is not the place to come to take out your personal frustrations on strangers.

While I see this as a place for all of us to contribute, it’s my job and mission to create a safe space, so mean, trolling, disrespectful, or rude comments will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. Y’all have Facebook and Youtube for that. 🤣 (Jk, that kind of behavior is not okay anywhere. Like, really.)

If you need to talk, let’s talk. We’re just going to do it in a nice way.

We can (and should) have differing points of view and have healthy, constructive conversations meant to educate and explore new ideas, but the minute things turn ugly I have no problem deleting comments and removing people from the discussion. Life’s too short to allow bad energy.

In this space, you can and should feel free to:

  • Share your ideas, thoughts, resources, and feelings.
  • Include your own business/links/info/services, as long as it is relevant to the conversation.
  • Post funny gifs and photos, where relevant.
  • Make new friends: Use this online space as a catalyst to forge real, offline relationships with cool people. (Just use common sense and be safe, plz.)
  • Ask questions.
  • Have healthy, constructive, informative discussions — just keep it kind. We don’t all have to agree, but we do all have to be respectful of each other.

In this space, you should not, cannot, and will not:

  • Say things that are rude, disrespectful, and/or mean-spirited.
  • Troll and try to stir sh*t up. I have a delete button and I’m not afraid to use it.
  • Post spam or repeated, blatant self-promotion with no connection to the topic or discussion.

TL;DR: Just be a real human with real emotions and show real respect and things will go swimmingly.

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