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The Confetti Bar aims to be a safe space, therefore we need to make sure there is a certain level of trust and transparency. When it comes to products, services, or people you see featured, I want you to know they have been carefully curated and intentionally chosen. 

Bottom line: Everything you see on the site is genuine. It’s not content for the sole purpose of SEO rankings or follower counts or pageviews (though those are all important to the success of a sustainable online business), but rather it’s content meant to serve you first and foremost.

My Guarantee For Fans, Followers, Friends (and Myself)

I will never share something I don’t feel is true and genuine. If you see me mention or promote a brand, product, person, or thing, I want you to know it’s on my terms, not because someone paid me cash to do it. Gifted products will always be disclosed, and I’ll always be honest with you. If you ever have any questions or prefer further clarification, please feel free to reach out and ask me.

My Guarantee For Brands

I will only ever share things I want to share, meaning my content is 100% authentic. If I approach you about a collaboration or agree to one you’ve presented, it’s because I genuinely dig what you do. I like to support things that make me happy, and all I ask in return is to get to try the product/service out with no obligation, as well as have access to ask questions and learn more to make an informed opinion.

That said, here are a few clarifications:

Do you ever accept cash payment(s) to share a brand or product? No. (If you want to talk custom content creation, an official partnership, or photo usage rights that might be a different story, but I do not request payment for merely sharing things. You can read more about my “influencer” philosophy below.)

Do you accept gifted products to try? Yes! While I often pay out of my own pocket for things, I’m not one to turn down the opportunity to save a few bucks in order to try or learn about something new. 

Will you share my brand or product if I give you the chance to try it? Only if I love it and think it’s useful/relevant to share. Just please know that by sending me something there is no guarantee, promise, or strings attached to it. (P.S. I will never bash a gifted product if I don’t like it, I simply won’t mention it unless asked specifically about my experience. I’m all about promoting things I love, not hating on things I don’t. There’s enough negativity in the world without me adding to it.)

Where can I send you info / a sample of my product on the chance you might just love it and share it? You can check out this page to tell me more about you/your brand, and/or send physical mail to:

The Confetti Bar
ATTN: Jessica Huizenga
314 Main St. #4608
Wallingford, CT 06492
United States

Do you utilize affiliate links? Yes! If I truly love something and you find value in me sharing it with you and I can make a couple extra passive dollars, it’s a win-win-win in my book. The difference here (in contrast to accepting cash payments up front) is that I only get paid (generally a very small percentage) if you choose to spend your own money on something, rather than me getting paid handsomely merely for telling you about it. In other words, I don’t get paid to tell you about how great it is, I only get paid if you voluntarily decide to take the action to buy it.

A Quick Note About “Influencer Marketing” in Regards to Promoting A Brand, Product, or Service

While I have a lot of thoughts on the idea of influencer marketing (as I’ve been on both sides of the issue), the long and short of it is that I do not consider myself an “influencer.” I’m just a girl running a business, curating a safe space, doing and making stuff she loves…and if I grow an audience of people who dig that and trust what I have to say, sweet! 

My personal philosophy is to only share things I genuinely love, admire, find useful, or believe in, and I don’t want to muddy those waters.

Money is a touchy subject for many, so let’s just chat about it right quick and move on. Yes, I run a business, and yes, money is what makes things possible. I like making money, and it allows me to live my life and pay my bills. While I believe in using our dollars to support individuals and businesses alike and never expect people to do genuine work “for free,” I also don’t think it’s always so cut and dry, especially given our new digital information landscape. In my opinion, sharing is caring, not a job. But I think somehow we’ve commoditized information and knowledge to a point where we don’t know what to truly believe or think anymore. 

When it comes to sharing brands, ideas, and products, I think that as long as both parties feel they are getting something valuable out of a situation, it doesn’t always need to have a dollar value attached. The way I support my business financially is through my art, design, and craft, not as being a so-called “influencer.” What I make, design, and create is what I want to be paid for, not for telling people what to do or like. That’s just my personal take on it. (No disrespect to those who do make their living as an influencer, it’s just not my own desire to be considered one.)

xx J

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