As I keep saying (like a broken record), this last year has been pretty overwhelming on the personal front. It’s been a lot of change, a lot of inner work, and a lot of artistic exploration.

I started painting these little color studies to include a more artistic, personal touch with all my orders, and once I was done I found myself drawn to the “remnants” left behind once I removed the cards.

I couldn’t bear to get rid of them, and one night was struck by inspiration to layer in new textures and words. (Life, after all, is made up of such layers. And it’s true mine are often colorful and sparkly mixed with deep thoughts. 😆After all, I am a highly sensitive Feelings Feeler!)

For these pieces, the little poems (as I’ll call them) are mostly snippets from my fiction writings. They’re all snapshots of my inner explorations on life, love, loss, relationships, and personal growth.

For those of you who may not know, I’ve written a book or two (or three…), which is just another art form I like to exercise now and again. I think words are powerful, and am often moved by how they can be strung together in various ways to evoke different shades of meaning.

I enjoy when things are not only visually interesting, but thought provoking as well. (As all art should be, right?) I’ve quite literally poured my heart and soul into these pieces, and truly hope they resonate with you in some way.

I’m sure I’ll create more in the future as new colors and new thoughts make their way from my mind onto the canvas, but for now I introduce you to the debut “Unpainted Poetry” series.


let them see right into you

like the past nor the future mean anything

because even if it’s painful

it will be so in the most beautiful way


is there enough air to fill my lungs?

because right now

 i’m willing to do anything

to be able to breathe


i’ve been afraid the truth would somehow hurt more than not knowing


you are here —

written on me

wrapped around me

buried under my skin


in this moment we are everything





held together only by truth

the kind of truth you can only tell in the dark

the kind of truth that will change everything

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