Gift Idea: Confetti Filled Box with Origami Money Heart

1. Origami Money Heart in a Confetti-Filled Gift Box

The credit for this idea goes out to Bumblebreeblog. Seriously, how amazing is it? Perfect for weddings, graduations, and even birthdays where money is an appropriate gift but you prefer a fancier way to present it other than a boring old card. Bonus points if you add custom confetti.

Gift Idea: Confetti Picture Frame

2. Confetti-filled Picture Frame

A confetti picture frame is always my go-to when I need a gift for just about any occasion. It is SO EASY. Open the back of a frame, lay a quote or picture against the glass (or even leave it empty so you just see the confetti!), sprinkle in some confetti, and ta-da! A beautiful piece of decor that you can customize in about a bajillion different ways.

Gift Idea: Confetti Dipped Champagne Bottle

3. Confetti-Dipped Champagne Bottle

This DIY is courtesy of Amy Christie of This Heart of Mine Blog. Another one that is super easy to customize with the colors of confetti and the tag you include. (Perhaps use a bottle of sparkling grape juice for a mom-to-be? 🙂 )

Gift Idea: Custom Confetti for a birthday, graduation, wedding, shower, or business

Gift Idea: Custom Confetti for a birthday, graduation, wedding, shower, or business

4. Give the Gift of Custom Confetti

The most special gift of all, nothing says you care like a super customized mix of confetti for a friend, coworker, boss, child, brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, neighbor, or favorite coffee shop barista.

Gift Idea: Use Confetti to jazz up gift wrapping

5. Jazz Up Gift Wrap with Confetti

If all else fails, simply use confetti to jazz up the packaging of your gift! Use double stick tape or a bit of glue to add a festive touch to some simple paper.  (Gift wrap from The Bannerie for Tiny Prints)

Now tell me you wouldn’t be ecstatic if you got something as awesome as any of these! What are some of the most unique gift ideas you’ve either given or received?