Exciting news, friends! Team Confetti is expecting a new little bundle of joy very soon. As such, we plan to take a short family leave to adjust to life with a new baby. While we will continue to ship orders as soon as possible, since we don’t know exactly when baby will decide to make his/her debut, we want to make you aware that any orders placed this month (September 2020) could potentially be delayed. We will do our best to keep everyone updated with firmer dates/plans as things progress, but we thank you for your patience! ♡ (If you have a time sensitive order that needs to be received before late October – early November, at this time we unfortunately just cannot guarantee the lead times. So sorry!)


Good Vibes Gift Bag


Spread all the good vibes with this bag o’fun filled with magic wishes, encouraging love notes, and confetti that grows. Whether you need a little pick me up for yourself or want to send some happiness to a friend/loved one, this package of colorful, happy goodies is sure to spread tons of smiles. 

Each bag contains:

  • 1 unique, hand-painted wish tin
  • 1 week of “Wish Upon a Star” foil-printed stars (*store in your wish tin!)
  • 3 compliment cards
  • 1 “Happy Little Reminders” scratch card
  • 1 original mini art card
  • 1 mini disco ball
  • 1 confetti wand filled with Sproutfetti (confetti that grows wildflowers when planted!)
  • A magical, holographic hang-tag

*Colors and styles of contents will vary from bag to bag — no two will ever be the same. That’s part of the fun! 🙂

In stock

  • **Keep in mind this is the only way your recipient will know who this is from (if you are having this mailed directly to them), so be sure to sign your name unless you want it anonymous!

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