The Confetti Awards! Presented by The Confetti Bar

Celebrating cool people who embody color, kindness, and the spirit of confetti!

Nominations for the Confetti Awards are currently closed.

The Confetti Awards were created by The Confetti Bar (a lifestyle brand and boutique confetti studio) to recognize the people in our lives who feel like sunshine — you know, the ones who are extra colorful, consistently kind, and always ready for a celebration. We know life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but let’s honor those who — despite facing struggles — still choose to believe in hope, happiness and celebrating all kinds of feelings and moments in unique, meaningful ways. It’s, like, a major award. 😉

    Nominees should:

    • Embody the spirit of color, kindness, & confetti
    • Be a positive inspiration to others through their words and actions
    • Value having fun, feeling feelings, and celebrating the little things 
    • Be a real person or business that you have a personal connection to (i.e. as a nominator, you need to be able to get in touch with your nominee if they’ve won)

    Nominations are internationally open to:

    • Individuals of all ages (spouses, kiddos, friends, coworkers, your hair stylist, etc.)
    • Small Businesses (if you know a small team of people that collectively fit the nomination criteria, that counts, too!)
    Confetti Champion Trophy
    The Confetti Awards Nomination Form

    Ways to nominate:

    • Digital submission (via the form below; can submit via text, attachment, or video link)
    • Mail-in submission

    Ready to Have Some Fun?

    We want these awards to be fun for everyone, so we highly encourage exploring your creativity when it comes to submitting a nomination. From an infomercial on why your hair stylist is the queen of kindness to a scrapbook detailing your best friend’s love of color from a young age, pretty much anything is fair game if it helps illustrate why someone deserves to win. (Not able to go all out? Not to worry — you can still easily type out a simple text submission in the form below. Conveying your nominee’s spirit & story — no matter how simple or elaborate the medium — is what’s most important, we just want to encourage a bit of fun where possible!)


    1 Grand Prize Winner

    + Honorable mentions


    Grand Prize:
    Confetti trophy, Award ribbon,
    Confetti prize pack

    Honorable Mentions:
    Award Ribbon, Confetti

    All winners will have choice/opportunity to be featured via The Confetti Bar’s email/social media. Nominators will also recieve a little thank you gift. 🙂

    Judging Criteria

    Embodiment of awards theme [75%]

    Uniqueness of story [15%]

    Creativity of submission [10% ]

    Awards announcement, details, & winners will be announced via social media and email — be sure to sign up for email updates here so you don’t miss any important news or information about the awards! 

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    Nominations for the Confetti Awards are currently closed.

    The Fine Print

    • Nominations are open to people of all ages, but any winners under 18 years old will need an adult / guardian contact.
    • Winners will be selected based on the judge’s subjective interpretation of the criteria. Judging Panel will be comprised of #TeamConfetti members here at The Confetti Bar.
    • To protect personal contact info of all nominees, once winners are chosen each nominator will be notified so that then we may then coordinate contact information at the winner’s discretion.
    • Buy submitting a nomination you agree that The Confetti Bar may use any submission materials in any kind of promotions/marketing.
    • Please note last names will not be shared publicly, but we do need them (for both you and your nominee) for administrative purposes to verify eligibility. We here at The Confetti Bar will only ever refer to nominators/nominees/winners by first name & last initial when sharing publicly (unless sharing last name is explicitly permitted by said person).
    • By submitting any nomination you certify that all information is truthful and completed with only good, positive intentions. You agree to all terms, details, and rules of The Confetti Awards.
    • Please reach out to with any questions or technical concerns.

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    The Confetti Awards by The Confetti Bar