While here at The Confetti Bar we offer a wide variety of custom & readymade confetti mixes, for those that plan to have an outdoor celebration (or simply want a more eco friendly choice), our biodegradable confetti options are perfect to keep both you and mother nature happy.

But what is biodegradable confetti? And how can you use it for all kinds of sustainable celebrations? We’re here to break it down for you with lots of info and inspiration!

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What is biodegradable confetti?

Biodegradable confetti is a collection of decorative, celebratory bits that break down or degrade by natural processes without causing ecological harm. In other words, in a short amount of time (given the proper conditions; i.e. scattered outside where microorganisms, fungi, water, or bacteria are naturally present) it will blend back into the earth without leaving behind any toxic, unnatural, or non-decomposing remnants.

To put it simply, biodegradable confetti is confetti you can safely use for outdoor celebrations as it will not leave behind an unnatural or harmful ecological impact.

Is all confetti biodegradable?

No, not all confetti is biodegradable. Confetti can be made from many different kinds of materials — paper, plastic, wood, acrylic, leather…the list goes on! Different materials will produce a different look for any particular confetti mix, and your intended use should be a big determining factor in which type you decide to choose. If you do not plan to use your confetti outside (i.e. you plan to use it more for indoor decorative purposes or in “contained” situations where the confetti can be re-collected) then choosing a biodegradable type may not be necessary, but if you plan to use the confetti outside at all, then you definitely want to make sure your confetti is biodegradable and earth friendly.

*Note: Even though not all confetti is biodegradable, many times it can still be made with recycled materials, which is another kind of happy win. Here at The Confetti Bar we have very little waste as we are constantly re-using/re-purposing materials and scraps into new confetti mixes, both for our biodegradable styles and non biodegradable styles.

What is biodegradable confetti made of?

Biodegradable confetti can be made from many different kinds of materials, but here at The Confetti Bar we currently offer three different types:

Solufetti™️: Water Soluble Confetti


Our Solufetti™️ biodegradable confetti is made from a mix of water soluble bits, mica, and/or herbs. The water soluble bits are made from blown cornstarch, a water soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable material that breaks down quickly when exposed to moisture. The dye to make the colors are similar to food coloring (and are biodegradable and non-toxic).

Floralfetti™️: Flower Petal Confetti

Customize your floralfetti

Our Floralfetti™️ biodegradable confetti is comprised of all-natural freeze-dried flower petals, herbs, and/or mica flakes. This confetti is straight from Mother Nature so it is the most susceptible to changes with various conditions (humidity, light, temperature, seasonality, etc.). Since the petals are freeze-dried, though, they retain richer colors, and won’t wilt, stain, or slip when cared for properly. The unique colors and textures that can naturally change are part of the fun with this style!

Sproutfetti™️: Plantable Confetti (that grows flowers!)

Our Sproutfetti™️ biodegradable confetti is made from a compostable paper that has wildflower seeds embedded right in it. It’s literally confetti that – if planted – grows! We source the paper from a company that is approved by the CFIA and the USDA for planting across many countries, and each batch of their seeds is tested to ensure that they free of noxious weeds and invasive species (though please note there may still be some restrictions exporting this style mix to certain countries).

Are there types of biodegradable confetti I should avoid?

We always encourage doing your own research to make sure you make the best choice for you & your beliefs, there are always a few things worth considering when it comes to selecting biodegradable confetti. Basically, the closer the material is to a natural element and the least risk of posing an ecological hazard, the safer the choice should be. You’ll always want to consider the environment you’ll be using the confetti in, as well as the people/animals that may be exposed to it.

For some additional considerations (particularly for tosses), check out The 9 Dos and Don’ts of Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Tosses at Catalyst Wedding Co.

A note about paper confetti: Paper, in general, is often considered a biodegradable material as it does indeed break down when exposed to the elements. Our caution, here, though, is to fully consider the type & treatment of different kinds of paper. For example, the dyes, inks, or additives that could be added to different paper types & finishes could still pose a potential ecological risk, which is why we don’t like to assume ALL paper confetti is safe to use outside. You’ll also want to consider what the paper confetti might be mixed in with — for example, our signature style confetti has a paper base, but also generally has metallic bits/sequins mixed in which is why this type is not biodegradable and we do not advocate using it outside.

How long does biodegradable confetti last? How far in advance should I order?

custom biodegradable flower confetti floralfetti by the confetti bar

The type of biodegradable confetti you’re using makes a difference in how long it might last.

In our case, Solufetti™️ & Sproutfetti™️ both last an incredibly long time (as long as they are kept cool and dry). You can order these many months (even a year) in advance of your event/project and should have no problems.

Floralfetti™️, as long as stored in a cool, dark, dry place will also last a number of months, but since the petals are much more likely to react to various heat/moisture/light conditions we like to recommend ordering 1-3 months in advance of your celebration. (Within any timeframe, you can still expect slight changes in the petals if they are exposed to any amount of light/moisture/humidity/heat.)

How much biodegradable confetti do I need?

While how much confetti you need ultimately comes down to personal preference, we have some general guidelines that we personally like to recommend for some common uses:

For a wedding/event toss: anywhere from ¼ – ½ cup per person for a small handful.

To sprinkle on tables/in gift boxes: anywhere from 1 TBSP – ¼ cup. (For our bulk biodegradable confetti, there are approx. 10 TBSP per cup.)

As individual favors/gifts: one confetti jar per person, or order in bulk to separate into your packaging of choice – how big your container/bag is will help you determine how much confetti you like to add.

How should I store and/or package biodegradable confetti?

plantable seed paper confetti

It is always best practice to store any type of biodegradable confetti in a cool, dark, dry place until you’re ready to use it. You basically want to limit the chance of it being exposed to any dramatic fluctuations in temperature, moisture, and light exposure. (Remember, biodegradable confetti is meant to degrade under the proper circumstances when exposed to the elements, so you want to delay this chance as much as possible until you’re ready for that to happen!)

What kind of packaging/presentation you choose for your biodegradable confetti depends on how you plan to use the confetti.

biodegradable confetti in paper cone

For tossing you might want to add bulk eco friendly confetti to a decorative bowl, basket, or kraft bag to allow people to scoop a small handful. Alternatively, you can make paper funnels/cones to use for individual “servings” of confetti to toss.

For favors you might want to consider small glass jars (reusable!) or individual bags/packets (lightweight!). Here at The Confetti Bar we offer volume confetti jars as well as volume confetti bags that can each be customized.

For a special gift you might choose for a decorative glass jar. Here at The Confetti Bar we specialize in customizable keepsake confetti jars made for any special moment or occasion.

Where can I buy biodegradable confetti?

You’re in the right place as you can buy custom and/or readymade biodegradable confetti from The Confetti Bar right here. We offer a wide selection of options and colors and are always researching/testing new materials to bring you the most colorful, exciting, & celebratory biodegradable confetti mixes.

What types of celebrations can/should I use biodegradable confetti for?

Biodegradable confetti is a great alternative to regular / standard confetti for any type of outdoor celebration or event. While biodegradable confetti does not need to be exclusively used for indoor/contained celebrations, it is a must for all outdoor celebrations.

Weddings, birthdays, photo shoots, baby showers, graduations — any celebration you can think of can certainly utilize biodegradable confetti. As time goes on, we realize just how much we rely on our planet and its resources, so while the idea of reducing our environmental impact is prevalent in many areas of our lives, it is especially important when thinking about celebrations.

Eco friendly confetti for weddings

biodegradable confetti wedding photo

Tips for how to have an environmentally friendly & sustainable wedding

We want an extra special occasion like a wedding to be memorable for all the right reasons, and that may be harder to do if we know it comes at the cost of Mother Earth.

We spoke to Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings (including lab-grown diamonds), to share our best advice for hosting a more sustainable wedding. From locally sourced food and flowers to a vintage or pre-loved wedding dress, and digital invitations, there are so many big and small ways you can reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. For more ideas, check out the full article on the Blue Nile blog.

One way you can reduce the impact of your wedding is to host a much smaller affair. We think the idea of elopement is extremely romantic and more sustainable. An intimate guest list (if any), a statement outfit, elegant hair, and makeup, maybe some biodegradable confetti (hint hint 😉), and beautiful photos to capture all the little moments, could be so perfectly simple and brings into focus what matters most at a wedding: two people in love.

For those that still prefer to celebrate with a larger crowd of dear friends and family, we think choosing vendors who each commit to sustainable practices is a great way to accomplish a great deal without having to do too much. If each of your vendors makes their little contribution as sustainable as possible, it adds up for an entire event.

For example, we love how our friends at Christopher Michael The Salon have a commitment to being a certified sustainable salon, yet their looks and work are still gorgeous and dreamy. Here is an example of working with an incredibly talented team of vendors all committed to an eco-friendly event.

Eco friendly confetti for birthdays

biodegradable confetti favors photo by @evermoreimaging

How to celebrate an eco friendly birthday

Birthdays are another milestone we all often choose to celebrate, and especially for warmer months/climates we might want to host an outdoor party.

From tossing confetti in a celebratory photo to adding as table decor (or in a piñata made from recycled cardboard & tissue!), biodegradable confetti is the perfect jubilant accoutrement that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

If you really want to go green with your party, consider choosing reusable dinnerware, limiting trash/garbage, and foregoing decorations/props that contain lots of plastic.

You can also choose to gift some Sproutfetti™️ to your guests and encourage them to celebrate another year around the sun by planting some flowers in their yard/garden. Then they’ll think of you each time they see one bloom. 🙂

There are more great ideas for throwing a sustainable birthday party here and here.

Eco friendly confetti for graduations

handful of biodegradable confetti senior photo

Go green for your graduation

Graduations don’t generally happen all too often, so it’s certainly a moment worthy of celebrating. Want to go green for your graduation, though?

Think about skipping the balloons, decorate using personal mementos (vs. store-bought supplies you’ll only throw away later), and opt to throw some biodegradable confetti in the air – along with your cap! – to get that picture perfect moment. (Best part? With customizable biodegradable confetti options you can potentially get some in your school colors!)

Similar to a birthday celebration, you can also plant some Sproutfetti™️ to commemorate the occasion.

Eco friendly confetti for photo shoots

biodegradable flower confetti

Tips for getting the perfect shot

Senior portraits, family photos, a selfie for the ‘gram…it’s no surprise we take photos to commemorate all sorts of occasions these days, and what better way to SMILE than toss a handful of confetti (or ten)?

If you’re inside you can certainly sweep up any pretty little messes for any confetti type, but if you’re snapping pics in the great outdoors you’re most definitely going to want to use an earth friendly confetti option.

For the best confetti pics, Floralfetti™️ is our favorite type as it flutters down ever so magically (and a little slower, giving your photog an extra chance to click). Solufetti™️ can also be wonderful, though we recommend this type more for blowing or spreading so you can release it a little slower to get that flutter effect.

For some general tips on taking the best confetti photo, check out this post. For more info on using confetti in all kinds of photos, read this.

Eco friendly confetti for gender reveals & baby showers


Plan & host an environmentally friendly baby shower

Bringing a new child into this world is a great reason to celebrate — you just don’t want this new little bundle to inherit a world we didn’t try to save as much as possible, right?

By using biodegradable confetti for a gender reveal or baby shower you get to have the best of both worlds…celebrating new life while honoring Mother Nature.

Order biodegradable confetti in shades of pink or blue, or use in your maternity photos for an extra dreamy effect.

Eco friendly confetti for parties of all kinds (anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, family reunions, etc.)


Celebrate safely without sacrificing fun or style

No matter the reason, season, or occasion, celebration is an amazing habit to practice regularly. It keeps us connected, it keeps us grateful, it keeps us positive, and it keeps us smiling.

Just remember that when choosing to celebrate outside, we want to celebrate Mother Nature just as much as everything else. By opting for biodegradable confetti for any outdoor festivity, you get all the fun without having to sacrifice the planet. That’s a win-win in our book!