Greetings From Confetti Land - Season 2, Episode 5: Designing Happiness (Part 1 of 3)

You guys know happiness is kind of our jam here, right? But like, aside from the literal little bits of happy we make & share, there is a much deeper reason for being so passionate about it. You see, things aren’t always “happy” — we all go through some hard stuff, and anxiety, stress, depression, and overwhelm can often rule our lives. But once we decide to take action, there is no limit to the happiness each one of us can design for ourselves. Happiness is more than just a mood or an emotion — it’s a philosophy and a state of being that encompasses everything it means to live a good life and thrive. In this first installment of a three part series, we break down what happiness is (and isn’t), why it’s important, and how you can design your own unique version it. We then look at the first key area to look to: your health.

We talk about…
♥ Why happiness matters.
♥ What it means to be happy (+ what happiness isn’t).
♥ How happiness starts with our health.
♥ Why creating routines is integral to managing thoughts, stress, and feelings.