Greetings From Confetti Land - S2;E4: The Joy of Creative Chaos (w/ special visitor Julie Burbank)

In this episode we sit down with the amazing Julie Burbank and talk about all things artsy and messy! We learn more about process art and how to foster a sense of creative independence through play and exploration. If you ever wanted to feel inspired to create…or hear about that time a bunch of kids painted Julie’s husband blue…then this one’s for you!

We talk about…
♥ Process art & creative exploration; how the process is more important than the final product.
♥ Engaging the senses and providing a sensory-rich environment to play in.
♥ Our favorite messy art supplies.
♥ Some thoughts on sporks.

About Julie

Julie is a mama to ellie bright, a wife, a teacher, an artist, and photographer. She’s part hippie, full gemini. She’s captivated by nature, laughter, glitter, and all things messy! She’s been teaching little ones for many years and incorporates curiosity and enthusiasm for MESS into her art classes.
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