Greetings From Confetti Land S1;E9: Confetti, yetis, and Celebrations

Join us as we sit down with Lindsay Cadigan – mom, event planner, author, kindred confetti spirit, and creator of Betty The Confetti Yeti. Get ready for a wild and whimsical conversation where we embark on a journey through party planning, one super celebratory confetti yeti, and some ridiculously random questions. Lindsay shares her hilarious take on whether a talking squirrel would have a high or low voice, debates the controversial Titanic scene and whether or not Jack could have fit with Rose (spoiler alert: she’s not convinced), and ponders the age-old question of whether cereal can be considered soup (mind-blowing, right?). But amidst all the laughter and confetti-filled chatter, Lindsay also drops some event planning wisdom, reminding us to stay focused on the objective. So, buckle up and get ready for a delightful rollercoaster of conversation that’ll leave you craving both brownies and confetti snowfalls. Let the party begin!

You can follow Lindsay on Instagram @confetticadigan & @theconfettiyeti

About Lindsay
Lindsay Cadigan is ALWAYS up for a party! Lindsay started her career in professional sports and made the leap to a confetti-filled job in special events. Lindsay has been planning special events for the last 10+ years and is currently the Director of Events and Consumer Marketing for Boston magazine. Lindsay also released her debut children’s picture book last year, Betty The Confetti Yeti with the next book in The Confetti Yeti series getting released later this fall.
Lindsay currently resides in Boston with her husband and twin boys where she strives to turn even the simplest coffee date into a meaningful celebration.

Greetings From Confetti Land S1;E9: Confetti, yetis, and Celebrations

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