We are so very excited to introduce you to a very dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, Russell the 8 (now 9!) year old confetti-man! Joined by his mom, Kelsie, we chat about how Russell got started making confetti at just 3 years old, his love of rainbows, a Confetti Cat kindness movement he started, and whether a unicorn or a cupcake would make a better pet. 🙂

russell the confetti-man

About Russell
Russell is a now 9 year old entrepreneur, spreading happiness one bag of hand-punched confetti at a time. Russell’s favorite color is rainbow 🌈. He loves playing video games, board games, and legos. Russell donates 20% of his confetti sales to different charitable causes and has started a kindness movement called “Confetti Cat.”  He’s dreamed of being a “confetti-man” since he was in preschool, and now gets to live his dream every day!

You can follow Russell on Instagram @confettifunbyrussell_official and visit for more.

russell the rainbow loving confetti man

Join the Confetti Cat Kindness Movement

confetti cat kindness movement

How the movement works:
(step 1) buy a sticker from Russell here!
(step 2) place the sticker somewhere you will see it
(step 3) every time you see the sticker, try to do something kind for someone (right then if possible!) It can be giving a stranger a compliment, offering to throw away their trash on your way to the trashcan, or paying it forward by purchasing the next person’s drink. Any act of kindness big or small counts! (Learn more here!)

Russell’s 1st confetti he ever sold (before officially starting his shop).