A simple Easter idea with free printable

colorful easter eggs in basket with fortunes

If you’re looking for a super simple Easter eggs printable, look no further! These little fortune strips make the perfect addition to any confetti-filled egg.

Simply gather up some colorful plastic Easter eggs (the ones pictured are from Target, but these, these, or these from Amazon could work, too!), print the sheet of fortunes by clicking the link below, cut then out, and add one each inside the eggs — with lots of confetti, of course!

colorful confetti easter eggs
colorful confetti easter eggs
colorful confetti easter eggs filled with fortunes

Once you cut your fortune strips, simple fold them twice and nestle inside the egg amidst the confetti. Hide your eggs and let the hunt begin!

Easter Eggs Printable Confetti Filled Fortunes

This free confetti fortune Easter egg printable is filled with positive encouragement and actionable activities to inspire whoever is lucky enough to receive one (or a few!) of the fortunes. Not only is the act of finding the eggs with the fortunes hidden inside exciting, but then acting on each one adds a whole new layer of fun.

printable fortunes