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DIY Confetti Vase

Who doesn’t love a pretty bunch of flowers to brighten up your day? (or, if you have a black thumb like me, some pretty faux flowers!)

Here’s two easy ways to take your flower game to the next level of amazing by adding confetti to the vase:

DIY Confetti VaseOption 1: Use faux flowers in a clear vase

The first way (which is the easies, longest-lasting way!) is to use a vase of faux flowers. You can either get a bunch that already comes fixed in a vase, or choose your own assortment and add them to a clear vase. Fill it up with confetti and there you have it: a magical piece of home or office decor that you can change up for any color palette, theme, or style. (Psst…I also like to sprinkle some confetti in the flowers themselves!)

DIY Confetti Vase DIY Confetti Vase

Option 2: Use a double-walled vase for real flowers

The second way to do this — if you prefer real flowers that need some water — is to create a “double-walled” vase. You will need two vases for this, one that is just slightly smaller so it will fit inside the bigger one, leaving you with enough space to fill confetti around it.

Cover the top of the smaller vase with some tin foil (will prevent the confetti from going inside the smaller vase, which is where the water will go) and place this container inside the bigger one. Sprinkle some confetti on top, making sure it falls around and down in between the two vases. Once filled, poke a hold in the foil and fold it down into the smaller vase. Fill the middle with water and arrange your florals.

DIY Confetti Vase

(floral arrangements by Carrie Wilcox)

There you have it, folks: gorgeous confetti-filled flower vases that would look beautiful as any room accent or centerpiece. Imagine a bunch of these for a gorgeous wedding! Sigh…would be oh so good.

What are your favorite flowers that you’d love to see all up in a confetti vase?

Make your own (super easy) confetti-filled flower vase - so cute!!