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I had this vision for a while to create some type of magical, whimsical confetti garland, and thanks to my trusty glue gun I was able to come up with a way to do it! You have to be a tad patient while making them, but the end result is worth it! 

You can make the garlands any length you’d like. On average I found a 5-6 foot garland needs about 1-2 cups of confetti. (With a smaller amount of confetti you will have to work in smaller sections though, as you’ll need to keep shaking off the excess confetti to then collect it for the next section.) To be extra safe I recommend trying a bulk bag of confetti until you get in a groove. (And our mystery confetti is a great option if you’re having trouble choosing what colors to start with!)

You can also use wax paper instead of foil, just be extra careful when peeling off as it doesn’t tear as easily as the foil.

They are so fun to either drape or hang straight down. Imagine the decorating possibilities!

Confetti Garlands Confetti Garlands Confetti Garlands Confetti Garlands Confetti Garlands Confetti Garlands

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If you make some pretty confetti garlands, be sure to take some pics and tag @theconfettibar so we can see!

Learn how to make these colorful DIY Confetti Garlands. (Includes a video tutorial!)