Perhaps you’ve seen the DIY Confetti Bowls circling the internets, so I decided it was high time to make some with #theconfettibar confetti!

DIY Confetti Bowls


Confetti (Our bulk bags would work great for this project — while the actual bowl itself doesn’t take a ton of confetti, you need a decent amount to work with for easy dipping. Want your colors to be a surprise? Try a mystery bag!)

-Mod Podge (Matte & Sparkle)


-Small bowl(s)

-foil/wax paper

-paper plate

-sponge brush


The video above will show you exactly how the magic happens. I tried a few different methods, but the one in the video was the easiest (and most successful!) way to do it.

DIY Confetti Bowls DIY Confetti Bowls

DIY Confetti Bowls

I LOVE the way the addition of the sparkle Mod Podge makes the inside of the bowl super sparkly!

DIY Confetti Bowls DIY Confetti Bowls

You can play around making different sizes and use your bowls to store any number of small items or trinkets. Or just use them to hold more confetti! 😉

DIY Confetti Bowls

DIY Confetti Bowls

Gonna give this a try? Make sure you tag #theconfettibar / @theconfettibar!

Learn how to make these magical, colorful confetti bowls! (Includes a video tutorial!)

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