DIY Confetti Zen Garden

Confetti Zen Garden

There is something about playing with confetti that is just so calming. Even the most anti-confetti people can’t seem to resist playing with & sifting through a bowl full of confetti if it’s placed in front of them. Like coloring or doodling it’s just so darn relaxing. One night (many moons ago) my dear gal Latanya (of Sprinkles & Booze) and I got to talking about the magical calming effects of confetti and came up with the idea of a confetti zen garden, which is super easy to make!

Confetti Zen Garden

All you need is a fancy clear box, some gemstones/pretty rocks, a miniature rake (found in many craft stores with the doll house furniture, or you can buy one online like this, this, or even this.), and of course a magical mix of confetti in your fave colors! 

Confetti Zen Garden

Simply pour your confetti into the box, jazz up your rake with a little glitter, and embellish your stones with some gold leaf and you now have a colorful, calming confetti zen garden to use whenever you’re feeling like you could use a bit of a time-out. Keep one on your desk, so whenever you’re feeling like you could use a break to think or relax, just sit back and rake the confetti back and forth, creating patterns or shapes to help shift your focus.

Confetti Zen Garden

Or better yet, light up a candle, make yourself some tea, play with confetti, and take a few minutes to find your inner peace. You can really take it up a notch by filling it with scented confetti, too!

Confetti Zen Garden

And how fun would one be with some custom confetti? Whether you want to include some inspirational words, or even your brand name/logo, what a fun way to have a functional and beautiful piece of decor.

Confetti Zen Garden

Ahh, don’t you feel happier already?

If you give this project a try, be sure to take some pics and tag @theconfettibar! 

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