(aka The Confetti Barcuterie)

Confetti Charcuterie Board

We know we all love a good charcuterie board, but making one out of confetti? Now that’s really our jam! Perfect as a centerpiece for your next event, a DIY confetti charcuterie board (which we’re obviously dubbing “The Confetti Barcuterie”) can be made for any occasion or celebration.

Confetti Charcuterie Board

What is a (traditional) charcuterie board?

While the actual dictionary definition of charcuterie is “a delicatessen specializing in dressed meats and meat dishes,” lately it refers more to the art of arranging a variety of foods in an artful, decorative way (yes, usually on a board of some sort).

There are many food charcuterie board ideas – from a breakfast charcuterie to candy charcuterie – that, from a technical sense do not even include charcuterie (i.e. meats), so we’re taking this trend a step beyond to include a non-edible option.

What is a confetti charcuterie board?

Confetti Charcuterie Board

A confetti charcuterie board is an artful arrangement of confetti and other celebratory confections. It’s meant to be displayed as a centerpiece or decoration for a variety of occasions and parties.

It can be used as a “bar” of sorts to mix & toss the confetti options, or it can even be used for guests to fill small bags/jars/containers as a memento or favor to commemorate the event.

Truly there are no real rules here, other than it’s meant to be a colorful, fun, and interactive display of epic celebratory proportions. 🙂

How To Make A Confetti Charcuterie Board

Confetti Charcuterie Board

To make your own convivial charcuterie, you will need:

  • a board (or tray)
  • confetti!
  • small cups/bowls/dishes/bags/poppers…any decorative vessels to hold your confetti
  • decorative details, i.e. pom poms, mini disco balls, beads, cupcake toppers, etc.
  • optional: coordinating napkins/doilies, small spoons/scoops
Confetti Charcuterie Board

Then simply arrange all of your confetti and decorative items on top of your board.

A good strategy is to start by layering any napkins/doilies, then adding in larger bowls/cups (filled with confetti, of course), then arrange any smaller decorative items as a finishing touch.

Confetti Charcuterie Board
Confetti Charcuterie Board

There isn’t any one “right” way to arrange things, but you want to aim for an artful arrangement that is not only fun to look at, but makes it easy to access.

If you’re opting to use your confetti-cuterie more as a party favor, include empty bags/containers for guests to fill with their own magical mix of confetti.

Confetti Charcuterie Board

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