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Breakfast wrap with hot sauce
Yes, that is a rainbow knife. Of COURSE it is.

Way back in the day, C and I used to be obsessed with the “Wake Up Wraps” from Dunkin Donuts. They were basically just a tortilla with cheese and sausage, but they were still delicious. Fast forward to our cleaner living selves, and I finally developed my own version of a breakfast wrap recipe that has a bit more nutrition and flavor!

We seriously have these all. the. time. and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s my favorite breakfast.

You can of course switch up some of the ingredients to suit your tastes, but this is my ultimate pairing of flavors.

Breakfast wrap recipe ingredients: Almond flour Siete wraps, Violife provolone, Applegate turkey sausage, avocado, red onion

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Breakfast Wrap Recipe Ingredients (makes 2 wraps for 1 serving)

Putting these together is super simple. While you cook the sausage in a toaster oven according to the package instructions to get it warm, lay out two tortillas. Cut 1 slice of vegan cheese in half, and put each half in the middle of each tortilla.

Once the sausage is done, cut each patty in half, and add on top of the cheese. Top with avocado and red onion slices, and drizzle on your sauce of choice (if using.)

Grain free breakfast wrap
Paleo breakfast wrap

I will warn you that the tortillas, while super tasty, are a bit fragile, so it’s not uncommon for them to tear a bit while eating. Just keep a fork handy and you’ll be ready in case things get messy.

Breakfast wrap with sausage and avocado
Siete almond flour tortillas for breakfast wrap
Clean eating breakfast wrap with sausage and avocado
Healthy breakfast wrap recipe

Breakfast tends to be a tough meal for some people, especially when you don’t eat a lot of grains/gluten/sugar/eggs. While it is not uncommon for C and I to have leftover dinners for breakfast, this is a nice change of pace that has all the good stuff to keep us going until lunch.

What’s your favorite, go-to breakfast?


Breakfast Wrap Recipe | Grain Free, Dairy Free
Healthy Breakfast Wrap Recipe
Grain Free, Dairy Free Breakfast Wrap Recipe