Back to School Magic Confetti

It’s that time of year when notebooks, pens, pencils, and backpacks fill just about every store and taunt all the children by indicating that summer is almost over.

But since confetti makes everything better, what better way to get a kid excited about starting school than some magic confetti? 😀

I came across this poem online and thought it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Maybe if I had gotten some magic confetti as a kid I would have liked school a whole lot more! haha

Back to School Magic Confetti

(P.S. I’ve searched high and low to try and find the original source of the poem, but haven’t had much luck. There are, however, many other sites that feature it, like here, here, and here.)

I repeat: I am not taking credit for creating the poem, I’m just offering my own spin on it by showing it with some #theconfettibar confetti!

While you can search online and find other people offering various downloads of the same poem, I decided to make a simple one for you, too. Click here to download your free “Back to School Magic Confetti” poem pdf printable! (There are 4 cards on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper)

Back to School Magic Confetti Back to School Magic Confetti

Have fun printing the cards on colored paper, adding a special personalized note and/or adhering some embellishments or stickers. Attach the card to a bag of confetti and you’ve got the cutest gift!

Our mystery confetti is a great inexpensive option if you want to either get a few 1 cup bags, or even a bulk bag to break down into your own smaller packaging, and if you really want to be the coolest ever, try some custom confetti!

While the poem as a whole is meant to be from a teacher to a student (and is an adorable way to welcome your incoming class), parents can also give this to their child(ren) by omitting or changing the last two lines.

This almost makes me wish I really was going back to school! Almost. 😉