When it comes to celebrations, weddings are big business…and what epitomizes celebration more than incorporating confetti into your special day? Choosing the right wedding confetti – and how to best incorporate it – shouldn’t feel like an overwhelming task, so we here at The Confetti Bar are here to help with your ultimate guide to wedding confetti!

(And trust us, even if you think there are limitations to how you can use confetti during your wedding festivities, read on because we’re for sure serving up allll the ways to get creative below!)

biodegradable wedding confetti

Wedding Confetti Ideas

First and foremost, let’s chat about some of the fun ways you can choose to use confetti for your big day — from getting engaged in the first place, to sending out thank you’s, there is no shortage of wedding-related events to work with here.


  • pop the question with some custom “Will You Marry Me?” confetti
  • take some dreamy engagement photos tossing confetti
  • announce your engagement with flat-lay styled pics or mailed cards that incorporate confetti

Bridal Party

  • ask your friend(s) to be your bridesmaid/maid of honor with some custom “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” confetti
  • gift keepsake confetti jars as bridal party gifts

Bachelorette Party

Invitations / Save The Dates

  • include a sprinkle of confetti with your invitations
  • take an epic confetti pic to use for your save the dates
  • use custom confetti poppers as your invitations or save the dates

Wedding Day

Wedding / Engagement Gifts

Custom Wedding Confetti

Now that we have lots of ideas to get the wheels turning, let’s talk about the difference between plain, boring old “standard” confetti and the magic that is custom confetti…because if you’re investing in your big day, you’re going to want the best, right? Rather than go for a bulk/stock/cheap mix you can find at your local party store, consider designing a beautiful, artistic custom confetti mix that speaks to you, your betrothed, and the love you share.

The best part is that with custom wedding confetti you can cater your mix to any wedding related festivity, from asking your bridesmaids to do you the honor to sending your guests home with a celebratory favor.

Here at The Confetti Bar we can help design the mix of your dreams, using a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and/or completely custom confetti pieces. (Not only are we confetti connoisseurs, but we’re here to help make all your confetti dreams come true!)

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

wedding confetti

Now, if you plan to use any sort of confetti as part of an outdoor celebration, be sure you use biodegradable confetti. Not only do we want top make sure we keep Mother Nature happy, we want to respect your venue, too.

In addition to our signature style confetti (which is not biodegradable), here at The Confetti Bar we also offer three different styles of biodegradable confetti — Solufetti, Sproutfetti, and Floralfetti.

The type you choose can have pros/cons depending on your needs/requirements, so be sure to check out our full guide to biodegradable confetti!

Wedding Confetti Poppers

biodegradable confetti poppers

Confetti poppers in particular make for a great wedding accouterment because they hit the big three key benefits:

  • they are customizable
  • they are experiential
  • they are individual/self-contained

So not only can you provide/gift individual poppers to your guests, you can ensure they have a customized experience as well. (Nothing quite like the thrill of being surrounded by a burst of fun confetti!)

Custom wedding confetti poppers are great for exits (just be sure to use a biodegradable confetti option) or favors, but also make for a fun invitation or save the date!

Wedding Confetti for Tables

Perhaps one of the most traditional ways to use confetti at a wedding (not to mention where you can likely get the most bang for your buck) is to use a little as scatter around the centerpieces on your tables.

You can order any custom confetti colors, and add some custom confetti pieces such as your name(s), monogram, wedding date, hashtag, and more!

My venue banned confetti; Can I still incorporate it into my special day?

wedding confetti

While it’s true there are a few party poopers out there who like to ban confetti outright because they prefer not to deal with the cleanup, sometimes a venue will be a bit more flexible if you explain there are different options — including ecofriendly confetti options — that can mitigate their cleanup concerns.

Typically we have found that either our Solufetti confetti option (water soluble confetti that dissolves when wet) or our Floralfetti confetti option (freeze-dried flower petals that blow away & degrade like any other leaves/flowers found in nature) Often if you order a sample in advance for your venue/coordinator to see/test it can help with their final decision.

But even if your venue bans the use of “loose” confetti, there are lots of ideas above for how you can still incorporate confetti into your wedding celebration. 🙂

Any confetti materials I should avoid for a wedding toss?

Rice has traditionally been a controversial “eco-friendly” wedding toss option as while it may appear harmless, has been rumored to be harmful to birds — but even if science is on our side with this one, rice can still be slippery to walk on and/or sharp to get in someone’s eye, so best to avoid for a myriad of reasons. (Bird seed is another that while may not be harmful to the environment, could potentially be harmful to your guests!)

Eco-friendly glitter is also a new, hot thing, and while I definitely love me some sparkle, this is one I’m still a tiny bit cautious of — it seems while most biodegradable glitters are made with a compostable cellulose from Eucalyptus trees, getting that metallic shine usually involves some type of aluminum (metal) or, for some finishes, even a PET material (a plastic that is not eco-friendly). While biodegradable glitters are definitely a better choice than a traditional plastic glitter, and small quantities are most likely not super harmful, I personally feel it’s something that you need to research thoroughly before deciding to throw a bunch of it outside.

When it comes to throwing larger amounts of anything outside, a bit of common sense and caution are key. When it comes to eco-friendly confetti, the closer you can get to natural materials, the better. If it’s something you would already find in nature, there’s less of a chance it will hurt the environment.

How much confetti do I need for my wedding?

custom biodegradable confetti

While how much confetti you need ultimately comes down to personal preference, we have some general guidelines that we personally like to recommend for some common uses:

For a wedding/event toss: anywhere from ¼ – ½ cup per person for a small handful. (Individual confetti poppers take all the guesswork out so you can just offer one popper per person.)

For invitations: generally about 1 TBSP per envelope. (For our bulk signature style confetti, there are approx. 10 TBSP per cup.)

To sprinkle on tables/in gift boxes: anywhere from 1 TBSP – ¼ cup. (For our bulk confetti options, there are approx. 10 TBSP per cup.) We also like to recommend anywhere from 3-10 custom pieces per table/box, depending on size.

As individual favors/gifts: one confetti jar, bag, or popper per person, or order in bulk to separate into your packaging of choice – how big your container/bag is will help you determine how much confetti you like to add.

Custom Wedding Confetti

So, are you ready to celebrate your biggest day with the ultimate celebratory confetti? Learn more about our custom confetti + order here!