welcome to confetti land by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Even though C and I moved into our (dream!) house back in January, my new Confetti Land HQ office juuuustttt got some real love.

Memory Lane

Before we get into the new hotness of the current Confetti Land, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the evolution of said space.

When I first started The Confetti Bar back in 2013, I literally worked out of my mother’s basement. (C and I were still living with her and my stepdad at the time.) I don’t even have pictures of it, but rest assured it was the complete opposite of an inspiring space. It had room, which was nice, but was definitely not my ideal situation. We all have to start somewhere, though, right?

Then at the end of 2014/early 2015, I decided it was time to expand and found this gorgeous studio space in the center of my town (Wallingford, CT) that was still within walking distance of where I lived. It was time to take the big, scary leap into making the business more “official,” and I signed a two year lease on this gem:

The OG Confetti Land
The OG Confetti Land office

It was the most amazing of spaces that I loved dearly, but after our two years were up, C and I decided it was time to rent our own condo, and having two separate places just wasn’t going to happen. So I downsized quite a bit and created v2 of Confetti Land HQ in the spare room of the place we rented (Which I knew would be temporary, and wouldn’t have full creative license to do what I wanted, but it was functional):

Confetti Land II
Confetti Land II

Fast forward to now, as I sit here typing in what is literally our perfect dream home, and what you’re about to see is the very newest of Confetti Land.

The Before

confetti land before

When we first moved into our house, this room (that was to be my office) was really the only one that needed to be painted, so before I moved in all my furniture we painted these baby blue & yellow walls white.

I knew I wanted the space to feel inspiring and colorful, and that I wanted it to be organized for all of my supplies, but still feel creative and eclectic with the art and furniture.

The After

welcome to confetti land creative office
confetti land
confetti land

“Confetti Land” banner from The Bannerie!

The Gallery Wall

welcome to confetti land creative office
colorful gallery wall with purple dresser

After setting up the necessities (my shelving needed for supplies), I still had this perfect white wall opposite the doorway to play with, so that’s where I chose to add a lot of the room’s personality.

I had a collection of art accumulated over time and had fun mixing and matching until I got the perfect little gallery wall.

colorful gallery wall art

Each piece of art means something special to me, and I love getting this huge dose of art and color as soon as I walk into the room.

colorful office gallery wall

Art shown: {Top Banner} Handmade by moi for our carnival wedding back in 2012 | {Center} Original piece from Esther McCord Art | {Top right, unframed} Original piece by yours truly | {Top right, pink frame} Print from Brianne Burnell | {Bottom right} Art print by yours truly | {Bottom right, girl with glitter dress} Gift from a lovely supporter of The Confetti Bar very early on in the biz | {Bottom center} Mini confetti geodes by yours truly | {Bottom left, hoops} “The Confetti Bar” hoop by Erin McMom, heart hoop by a super sweet little boy named Beau | {Bottom left, pink frame} Original art by Bethany Joy | {Middle left, glitter frame} Original glitter art my yours truly | {Top left, white frame} Photo of C and I by Shaina Lee Diaz | Hot pink, satin gold, and white picture frames from Frame It Easy.

The Painted Dresser

purple painted dresser

I knew I wanted a cool piece of furniture to pair with my gallery wall that would be functional but also make a statement…on a budget. So I found this brown dresser at Goodwill for like $35. After getting some advice from Ashley Wilson of At Home with Ashley, I went with Dixie Belle Paint Company‘s products to prep, prime, and paint.

painted dresser DIY

I used the White Lightning Cleaner to prep the dresser, then painted two coats of Slick Stick to prime, two coats of chalk paint for the purple*, and a coat of Gator Hide to seal.

*As for the color, I saw this really pretty, deep shade of purple on Dixie Belle’s Instagram that they said was a 50/50 mix of Blueberry and Plum Crazy, but after trying every possible ratio combination, the color was nowhere close to how it was depicted. (In the photo it was a rich, deep purple, but all I could get was a dusty maroon shade.) πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈI went into problem solving mode and ran to my local craft store to get some more generic chalk paint in lavender, light blue, and white, and kept mixing those into the Dixie Belle paint I had until I got a shade I liked, this pretty purple one!

I then got some new handles/knobs from my local hardware store, and voila! My new favorite piece of custom furniture that probably cost less than $200 when all was said and done (and I still have a lot of paint left over!)

The Rainbow Windows

rainbow windows

Ok now we HAVE to talk about my absolute favorite feature in the room β€” my rainbow windows!!

office desk
rainbow windows

Since this room is on the first floor I wanted to have some privacy (especially when working at night), but also didn’t want to lose the little light that comes in (since there are only windows on the one side.)

I happened to be on Amazon and found these window clings, and instantly knew I needed them for Confetti Land! I was skeptical at first, but all the positive reviews convinced me it was worth a try.

And boy oh boy did it exceed my expectations.

For real, photos really can’t do it justice. It’s like a faux-stained glass effect that looks so effing magical when the light hits it. (Even at night, with the streetlights and headlights, it looks dreamy!)

office desk with rainbows
Welcome to Confetti Land

And when the light coming through the window hits it right, it casts the most magical of all magical rainbows throughout the room. The angle also casts a great rainbow in the hall right outside the office, literally leading you into Confetti Land. (!!!)

Such an unexpected surprise that I love oh so much.

rainbow magic

The photo above is a #nofilter / non-edited pic straight from my phone β€” this is how bright the rainbow on the wall is at juuustttt that right time of day! 🀩🌈

Installation was super easy, but I can say that as C was the one who painstakingly measured each piece to fit perfectly. πŸ™ˆ(Did I mention that, despite “measuring,” I didn’t order enough the first time around so we had to get more? πŸ˜‚) After that debacle I just helped with peeling off the backing and using a scraper to get all the air bubbles out. (The directions say to spray soapy water on the window and the cling, but we used window cleaner and it seemed to work out just as well.)

The good news is, since we got a second batch, we had enough left over to add some to the windows in our main room, which is equally as amazing.

The Desk

welcome to confetti land creative office

My desk has been with me for years, since the first official #confettilandhq, and is from PB Teen.

My chair I got at Marshall’s, and my rug is from RugsUSA.

(P.S. That other door back there is a small walk-in closet where I store some shipping stuff / extras. It was painted pink when we moved in, so I obvi decided to keep it that color. πŸ’—)

The Supplies

welcome to confetti land creative office
welcome to confetti land creative office

Having had to set up my space in a few different locations by now, I sort of know what works and doesn’t work, from a productivity standpoint. There are certain elements I’ve carried through each iteration of the space (my paper bookshelf, my sequin jars, etc.), but it’s always a bit of a challenge to balance aesthetic with function.

I still have a bit of dreaming to do in this space, but overall I’m digging how it’s come together thus far.

confetti land creative office

It also helps that we have a lot more storage now, so I can hide away all of the “boring” stuff (shipping boxes, labels, etc.) in the basement. πŸ˜…

While not the biggest of spaces I’ve had to work with, I definitely feel like this version of Confetti Land feels perfect for where I am in life right now. It’s simple, not overwhelming, and has a ton of special little touches that make it feel unique.

Do you have a room or office that’s all your own? What special touches have you added (or plan to add!) that can give you the same feels?

UPDATE: Confetti Land HQ has since gotten yet another makeover! Check out the new colorful office inspo here!

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