Organic Digital Marketing
for Small Businesses

Running a small business is hard.
We get it – we’ve been there. 
We’re still there. 
But we want to help you share your passion!

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve not only designed a life together, we’ve designed a number of business endeavors together.

Just like our goal with The Confetti Bar is to inspire you to live your happiest, most celebratory life, we want you — our fellow entrepreneurs — to feel the same about your business. After realizing we get equal amounts of joy from helping others pursue their dreams, we’ve decided to start working with a select number of cool people (prioritizing those in our local community) as guides in our area of expertise: organic digital marketing.

We believe in cool people doing cool things, and we don’t want you to get lost in the crowd. Time and time again we’ve seen how much an overall experience is a key driving factor in customer attraction and retention, yet it’s often an overlooked part of business. It’s not just about having a nice logo or good product/service — it’s about leaving an impression that will last.

In a world that often favors a “Pay-to-Win” business model, we strive for developing marketing strategies in an organic way — developing real connections with your intended audience to drive long-lasting sales and satisfaction.

What is Organic Digital Marketing?

or·gan·ic dig·i·tal mar·ke·ting: Strategies that plan for the natural growth in awareness of a company’s products or services through digital means (website, social media, SEO, video, content, etc.). 

Think of it like growing a forest: Efforts are “planted” and tended to with plans for long-term growth at minimal up-front investment dollars. It takes more time, energy, and patience when starting out, but eventually, these efforts pay off, produce real results, and continue to grow.

Organic Digital Marketing is for people with the drive and passion to build a long-lasting and sustainable business.

So, how will we help you?

In a nutshell, we encourage cool people to chase their small business dreams by providing the tools, knowledge, and support to get started. Whether you’re a complete newbie — just somebody with an idea — or are already living that entrepreneur life and need help getting to that next level, we’re here to support your personalized journey.

We believe in the power of originality and uniqueness and don’t think there is any one-size-fits-all model to starting, running, or growing a small business. In our years of experience, we realized that what comes naturally to us is often completely foreign to others, so we want to do our part and give back. We want small businesses to thrive.

By being your personal Brand Experience Builders, we’ll help you master the three key factors to designing and maintaining an amazing brand: Groundwork (the Foundation), Attraction (the Look), and Experience (the Feel).

Groundwork: The Foundation of your brand

Brand Purpose Mission / Story Technical Setup SEO Strategy Organization

Attraction: The look of your brand

Branding (Logo, Style Guide, Fonts) Photography Social Media Presence UI & Web Design Content

The feel of your brand

UX Design
Emails (Automation, Copy)
Client Gifts/Rewards
Customer Service

Meet the Duo

We’re Jessica and Clifford Huizenga. We’ve been a team for over 13 years. We know how important it is to have a support system when chasing your dreams, so we want to be your personal problem solvers, sounding boards, and cheerleaders.

Some Of Our Experience

  • Have been entrepreneurs for 6+ years.
  • Work as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Experience Officer for a multi-million dollar online e-commerce company.
  • Have hosted workshops and spoken at events.
  • Over 10 years working in web design & development.
  • Highly skilled in Inbound marketing, SEO, content creation, and connection.

 A Few Of Our Results

  • Organically grew The Confetti Bar to 5-figure sales with over 35K social media followers.
  • Grew Instagram following for an online e-commerce brand from 300 to over 20K in a little over a year.
  • In a little over a year, grew organic traffic over 10x for online e-commerce company.
  • Designed and developed dozens of small business websites.

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’m a creative dreamer through and through. I’m a hopeful optimist that truly does believe anything is possible. I want life to be filled with magic, wonder, and curiosity, though I know it also has to be balanced with strategy, motivation, and execution.

I delight in creating unique, bright, and engaging content that makes people smile. At the core of everything I do is my mission to spread happiness, color, inspiration, and, of course, confetti.

I’ve started many a creative venture, from abstract painting to jewelry making to clay crafting to confetti mixing. I’ve written romance novels, have spoken at events, changed my diet to manage anxiety (& lost 80 lbs!), hosted workshops for women, managed social media accounts, and been featured in magazines. I’ve always been a creator, and I never want to stop making things.

You can think of me like your business’s project manager. I’ll not only help come up with some fun and creative ideas for making each and every customer feel amazing about your brand, I’ll also make sure each project or initiative stays on track and everyone involved is held accountable so it actually gets done quickly and efficiently.

Hi, I’m Clifford.

I’m the Director of Digital Awesomeness for The Confetti Bar. Through my career, I‘ve built my skills around web design, graphic design, video production/editing, and online marketing. But, being a fellow “feelings feeler,” I know that a business is only as good as your customers say it is. Therefore, my focus has been in designing and developing specifically for the customer — because if they feel good about a brand, they are far more likely to purchase from it.

  • Almost two decades of professional experience in helping solopreneurs and small businesses get to the next level of their goals. (I’ve been around the block.)
  • Previously-employed by a few agencies in the past and worked with several big-name clients such as Unilever, MasterCard, and Aol.
  • Worked directly with companies in several industries (including retail, manufacturing, finance, medical, and military) to plan, design, and develop brands and websites for their businesses.
  • Designed logos, branding guides, and websites; Developed websites, applications, and interactive experiences (kiosks).

You can think of me as your business’s experience engineer. I’ll not only coach you on strategy and keep you motivated, I’ll help execute and keep your business looking good.


Business Building & Strategies +Brand Assessment +Organizational Assessment +Business Startup Plan +Social Media Strategy +Inbound Marketing Strategy (Content + Email)

+Logo Design
+Brand Style Guide
+Website Design
+Brand Photography

Development/Technical Services
+Website Development
+Ecommerce Setup & Guidance
+Website Maintenance (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc)

Digital Marketing/SEO/SEM
+Keyword Research
+Develop Buyer Personas
+Email List Setup & Integration
+Evergreen Content
+Google Analytics/Search Console Setup and Reporting
+Google My Business Setup
+Social Ads Tracking Setup

Brand Assessments start at $149

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