The Confetti Letters

Monthly letters of inspiration, celebration, and hope.

Do you love receiving fun stuff in the mail?
Do you strive to hold onto hope, kindness, and creativity (despite realizing life is not always sunshine and rainbows)?
Are you feeling disconnected, unmotivated, and/or a bit overwhelmed with life?
Do you crave positive, optimistic affirmation?
Would you like to be part of a dreamy creative movement?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the questions above, then The Confetti Letters might just be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

By signing up for The Confetti Letters, each month you will receive a beautiful, shimmery envelope filled with magic, inspiration, and a sprinkle of confetti. Each letter is written to make you think deeper, celebrate harder, see brighter, and live your most colorful life. Every month will explore a new topic, share resources, and provide questions/actions for you to dig into. Let each letter be a reminder to quiet the noise and take time to focus on your own personal development, exploration, & celebration.

Sign up by the 24th of the month to receive the following month’s letter. Subscriptions are mailed the first week of each month. All subscriptions include a free welcome letter mailed out within a week of signup. (See full FAQs below!)

Subscription Benefits:

  • Monthly happy mail you can look forward to receiving — each letter of course contains a burst of confetti!
  • A physical, tangible resource (free from the distraction of online/social platforms) you can hold in your hands to help you focus on your own personal goals, dreams, and development
  • Participation in a collective of creative dreamers — prompts, resources, and opportunities to help connect (both online and offline)
  • Exclusive news/offers/discounts for
  • Fun little surprises & extras (think things like postcards, small art pieces, stickers, poetry, digital collateral, etc.)

Please note: If you are buying this as a gift, please make sure the subscription is the only item in your cart so you can add your recipient’s info in the shipping field at checkout!

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Q: How does this subscription work?
A: Sign up for a subscription to The Confetti Letters to receive fun, inspiring letters in the mail.

Subscription cutoff date (to receive the following month’s letter): The 24th of the month (technically by 8am EST on the 25th).
Payment date (date your card is charged): The date you sign up. Recurring payments will be charged the same date of each subsequent month.
Letter mailing date: The first week of each month

In order to be considered an active subscriber for any given month, you must sign up by the 25th at 8am EST of the previous month. Letters are mailed the first week of each month.

So, for example, if you sign up anywhere between February 1st-24th 2021, you will receive the March 2021 letter (mailed out the first week of March).

If you sign up anywhere between February 25th-March 24th 2021, you will receive April 2021’s letter (mailed out the first week of April).

If you choose the Month-to-Month option, you will continue to be charged each subsequent month until you choose to cancel. (For example if you sign up for Month-to-Month on February 10th 2021, you will be charged the monthly amount on March 10th 2021, April 10th 2021, May 10th 2021, etc. until you choose to cancel your subscription.)

If you choose a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year subscription, you are essentially paying in advance for that time period, but the cutoff date remains the same. You will just be charged a single time for the full time period chosen. These subscription “packages” do not automatically renew, so be sure to manually renew your subscription when the time period runs out if you want to continue receiving letters!

All subscriptions are nonrefundable once payment has been received.

All subscriptions include a free welcome letter that will be mailed out within a week of signup no matter the calendar date.

Q: How & when are The Confetti Letters mailed out?
A: Each Confetti Letter is mailed via USPS the first week of each month. (Due to the volume of mail USPS receives, please allow a couple weeks for your letter to find its way to you!)

Q: Are the letters sequential? Will I miss out if I don’t sign up during the initial launch??
A: Each month will be a new sequential “volume” of The Confetti Letters, so if you miss out on signing up by the cutoff date for a particular month, you unfortunately miss out on that volume entirely. BUT the good news is that each letter is standalone, so you can still hop in at any time and not be lost.

Q: Will I receive tracking information for my letters?
A: Unfortunately, no. Since we mail these via USPS First Class Mail with stamps, we do not receive tracking information. Each new letter is mailed the first week of each month, so depending on your location please allow a few weeks for it to arrive. If a letter gets lost in the mail and you do not receive it by the 20th, please do let us know so we can send out a new one.

Q: I didn’t receive my letter this month — help, what do I do? 🙁
A: First, check to make sure your subscription is still currently active — if you only signed up for a certain period of time it may have expired, you may have missed the cutoff date, or the card on file may not have gone through.

Next, check your account & subscription details to make sure the shipping address on file is correct.

If your subscription is active and the address is correct and you still have not received your letter by the 20th of the month, please contact us at

Q: I know someone who would adore receiving these letters and I would love to give this subscription as a gift — can I do that?
A: Of course! Simply tick the box above that indicates it will be for a gift. You will be given the option to add a gift note which will be included in the recipient’s welcome letter. At checkout, just be sure to enter the recipient’s name & address in the Shipping Address section.

Q: Do you mail internationally?
A: Yes, we mail internationally, though it does incur an additional fee. If you want your letters mailed outside the United States be sure to choose the “International”  Subscription Duration option. (International orders are only offered on a Month-to-Month basis.) If you do not choose the International option but your shipping address is in fact International, we will contact you to refund the subscription and/or change to the proper type.

Q: What ages are these letters appropriate for?
A: While there will be no explicit or inappropriate content contained in these letters, we do recommend them for ages 16 and up. The themes and topics will relate more to adults (as far as reflecting on life goals, dreams, relationships, etc.), but would not necessarily be inappropriate for mature teens.