Confetti of the Month Club

Your monthly happiness, delivered.

By signing up for the Confetti of the Month Club, each month you will receive 1 cup of surprise confetti, the most happy type of happy mail ever. 🙂 (While part of the fun is not knowing what your mix will be, you can rest assured it will be fun and often relevant to current & upcoming seasons/holidays/pop culture.)

Subscription Benefits:

  • Monthly happiness delivered to your door — let it be your reminder to celebrate all things, no matter how big or small. 
  • All subscription pricing includes the cost of USPS First Class Mail for all shipments.
  • All subscriptions come with a FREE PDF download — “A Year of Celebration” — that includes twelve monthly holiday calendars.
  • Yearly Subscriptions will receive a FREE physical copy of our 101 Things To Do With Confetti magazine — a $14 value!

Please note: If you are buying this as a gift, please make sure the subscription is the only item in your cart so you can add your recipient’s info in the shipping field at checkout!

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Q: How does this subscription work?
A: Sign up for a subscription to the Confetti of the Month Club to receive a surprise 1 cup bag of #theconfettibar signature confetti each month.

Subscription cutoff date (to start receiving your confetti the following month): The 24th of the month. So if you sign up by March 24, you will receive confetti starting in April; if you sign up between March 25th-April 24th, you will start receiving confetti in May, etc.
Payment date (date your card is charged): The date you sign up. Payments are made in full for your desired duration (6 months or 1 Year); subscriptions are nonrefundable.
Confetti mailing date: The first week of each month.

Subscription “packages” do not automatically renew, so be sure to manually renew your subscription when the time period runs out if you want to continue receiving confetti!

All subscriptions are nonrefundable once payment has been received.

All subscriptions include a free PDF download that will be included with your order confirmation.

Q: How & when is confetti mailed out?
A: Confetti is mailed via USPS First Class Mail within the first week of each month. (Due to the volume of mail USPS receives, please allow ~2-8 days for your confetti to find its way to you once shipped!)

Q: I didn’t receive my confetti this month — help, what do I do? 🙁
A: First, check to make sure your subscription is still currently active!

Next, check your account & subscription details to make sure the shipping address on file is correct.

If your subscription is active and the address is correct and you still have not received your confetti by the 20th of the month, please contact us at

Q: I know someone who would adore receiving monthly confetti and I would love to give this subscription as a gift — can I do that?
A: Of course! Simply tick the box above that indicates it will be for a gift. You will be given the option to add a gift note which will be included in the recipient’s first shipment. At checkout, just be sure to enter the recipient’s name & address in the Shipping Address section, and be sure to send them their free PDF link!

Q: Do you mail internationally?
A: Yes, we mail internationally, though it does incur an additional fee. If you want your confetti mailed outside the United States be sure to choose the “International”  Subscription Duration option. (International orders are only offered on a yearly basis.) If you do not choose the International option but your shipping address is in fact International, we will contact you to refund the subscription and/or change to the proper type.