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2020 Grad Bag


Celebrate graduating in style with this 2020 Grad Bag — all you have to do is add cake! Whether you need it for your own solo celebration or want to send to a new graduate, this package is sure to spread a bit of festive cheer.

Each bag contains:

  • 1 package confetti (default colors are black & white with black graduation cap shapes — can upgrade to custom school colors if desired!)
  • 1 plate
  • 1 cup
  • 1 napkin
  • 1 noisemaker
  • 1 tube of bubbles

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    Black graduation cap shapes will also be added to your custom colored mix.

    **Keep in mind this is the only way your recipient will know who this is from (if you are having this mailed directly to them), so be sure to sign your name unless you want it anonymous!

    Don't forget to sign your name unless you want your gift to be anonymous!