Confetti Of The Month Club Box: August 2016

Confetti of the Month Club | The Confetti Bar

In case you missed the opportunity to snag one of these pretties, here’s a little sneaky peeky of what went down in August’s Confetti of the Month Club box!

{What’s the Confetti of the Month Club, you ask? Why it’s only the most magical of magical things! If you’re on the special VIP list, each month you get the choice to buy an assortment of four unique, mysterious specialty confetti mixes that come with a calendar that lists allllll the crazy holidays for that month. (And yes, I’m talking all the fun ones like Pizza Day and Pink Flamingo Day!) There is a holiday for every single day of the year, plus monthly and weekly observances, too!}

For the boxes, I typically pick four different holidays throughout the month to focus the confetti on. For August I went with Watermelon Day, S’mores Day, National Honey Bee Day, and Just Because Day.

Confetti of the Month Club | The Confetti Bar

Confetti of the Month Club | The Confetti Bar

Watermelon Day: A summer classic.

S’mores Day: I definitely went all out for this mix, as I not only hand roasted each of the confetti marshmallows over a candle (don’t try this at home folks), but it’s also a scented mix that smells like a Toasty Campfire!

National Honey Bee Day: A bee-utiful day for confetti.

Just Because Day: Because, well, why not?

Confetti of the Month Club | The Confetti Bar Confetti of the Month Club | The Confetti Bar

I also write a special letter to go with each box, explaining some of my inspiration and offering ideas on how to use the mixes.

So yeah, basically this club is really cool. Whether you’re a blogger looking for some timely content ideas, a social media junkie who loves to take pretty styled pics and hashtag the heck outta holidays, or you just love to have a steady supply of confetti on hand at all times, these boxes are a must have!

TL;DR: Perfect for anyone who loves to celebrate ALL THE THINGS!

Want in on the action? Sign up for the Confetti of the Month Club right here! And check out more pics using #confettiofthemonthclub!

Confetti of the Month Club | The Confetti Bar


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