Confetti Filled Tape Dispenser

The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0003Looking for a super easy DIY that will jazz up your office space? These confetti-filled clear tape dispensers are sure to do the trick! The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0001 All you need to for this project is a clear tape dispenser (something like this or you can even use a recycled clear dispenser from your local office supply store), some confetti (of course!), and some tape (washi tape is always fun, but any kind you fancy that will fit in your dispenser will be fine). The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0002 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0003 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0004 If you’re using a stand-up tape dispenser, simply remove the tape roll, fill the bottom with about 1/4 cup of confetti, add some tape back on the roll, and presto! The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0005 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0007 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0006 If you’re using a smaller tape dispenser (such as a recycled one you have laying around or one from your office supply store), make sure it is one where the bottom is completely enclosed. You should be able to gently pull it apart at the center, fill up with confetti and tape, then snap the two halves back in place. The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0008 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0009 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0010 The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0011 The best part is you can easily change things up for any theme, occasion, or just for fun! Simply swap out the type of confetti and the color tape when it’s time for a change! The_Confetti_Bar_Confetti_Tape_Dispenser_0012The confetti filled tape dispenser: bringing a whole new level of awesome to office parties everywhere! *Please note that some products included in blog posts may contain affiliate links. This only helps to feed my need for buying copious amounts of glitter and ginger chews.


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