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Crazy Beautiful Series


Crazy Beautiful Series by Jessica Serra Huizenga
(Books 1, 2, & 3

Lighthearted contemporary romances full of honesty, humor, and heart. 

Next Read: Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

#JSHBookClub FAQs

Each month(ish) I pick a book for us to read together, then we’ll chat about it in the forums below. 👇🏻  Questions/comments can be added at any time as you’re working through the book, but we will also have a set day/time for a “live” session to discuss. (See calendar on each book’s individual page for the full reading schedules!) 

Basically we’ll read some books, feel all the feels, then talk about it.

No and no.

Listen, I know we all have busy schedules, so this is really just supposed to be something fun. If you want to play along, I’ll be here, but if not, no sweat.

And other than potentially buying the book each month, it doesn’t cost anything to be part of the discussion. (I’ll provide affiliate links to purchase the books if you want to, but you can also always try to get them from your local library or borrow from a friend.)

I really don’t want to box ourselves in here, so I think we’ll cover a range of genres. That’s where things get interesting, right?

As long as each book makes us feel something and/or inspires us, we’ll consider everything ranging from contemporary romance to non-fiction, maybe a couple inspirational self-helpy type books, poetry, and/or maybe even some craft/DIY style titles. 

If that’s your jam, you do you. During our live chats I highly encourage you to partake in the beverage and snack(s) of your choice. (I, myself, will probably be sipping a nice cold glass of kombucha. 😋)

You can subscribe to the book forums and/or add the schedule of dates to your calendar using the buttons on each individual book page below. Most importantly, be sure you’re signed up for the Cool Confetti Club to get general updates on the books & scheduling!

  1. Sign up for the Cool Confetti Club so you’ll stay in the loop about all Confetti Land happenings.
  2. Introduce yourself in the “INTRODUCE YOURSELF!” forum below. (And feel free to say hi to some of our fellow members.)
  3. Check out our current read above and snag yourself a copy.
  4. Check-in on the current read’s forum below for info, reading calendar, and discussion topics. Feel free to add your own topics and chime in on others, and don’t forget to save the date for each book’s live chat!
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