This summer I shared all about the revamped Confetti Land HQ in our new house, but it recently got even more of an upgrade to the ultimate colorful office.

While the way the office was set up was functional strictly for confetti-making, I decided I wanted more of an inspiring space to do all sorts of creative work — making confetti, painting, reading, writing, etc.

I knew some of the elements would stay the same — like my favorite purple dresser, gallery wall, rainbow windows, and gold-legged desk — but the rest needed a cozy yet colorful upgrade. The two main things I knew I needed/wanted most were 1. a comfy couch and 2. a work table with extra storage. The rest fell into place form there, knowing it all had to be colorful yet sophisticated.

Colorful Couch

First things first, I knew I had to find the perfect couch. Something cozy to cuddle up on, yet colorful enough to make a statement.

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while you know I used to have a pink couch, so going that route again was my first instinct. But after hours of searching online for the perfect pink couch I just wasn’t finding anything that struck my fancy, so I started to broaden my color search. I came across the Nia Sleeper couch on Wayfair, and thought it would be a perfect choice for the size and cost. I went back and forth between the Green and the Mustard colors, but since I already had pink and purple accents with the rug, desk chair, and dresser, I thought yellow would be the perfect happy statement piece. It would be bright enough to keep the space light, and bold enough to make everything else in the room sing.

Work Area(s)

While a cozy space is always nice, it needs to be balanced with functional work areas — this is, after all, an office!

Previously I was using my desk as everything — work table, prep table, writing table, the only place to sit — so with this update I knew I wanted more seating as well as separate tabletops; one for a desk, one for a workspace.

By separating out my desk and my work table, I now actually have a dedicated place to work at my computer (complete with fun office accessories!) and a dedicated place to work on projects.

Floating Shelves

One of my main issues with the previous layout of the office was that I had so many shelving units — they took up all the wall space and didn’t leave me much room for art and knick-knacks. (I <3 knick-knacks.)

Once I moved out the shelving (into the closet, so still accessible, but not overpowering), I wanted both the freedom and flexibility to decorate the walls as often as I’d like. Thus, floating shelves. (Major shoutout to C for having the patience and skill to help me hang them. 🙏🏻)

I used a mixture of these white picture ledges in two sizes, these small gold display shelves, and these clear acrylic shelves for my sequin jars.

Art & Knick-Knacks

Remember when I said I love knick-knacks? Displaying little trinkets and pieces of art I’ve made, gathered, bought, was gifted, or otherwise accumulated makes my heart happy. It’s like living in a personalized home art museum.

Some of these art pieces are even available in the shop — I hate to part with these personal pieces, but I love seeing them go to new homes so I can create more new magic. Plus, you’ll also notice how perfectly perfect the gold shelves are for displaying confetti jars. 😉

Colorful framed glitter
Colorful framed glitter

I collect all sorts of color cards, and have had these glitter ones for years. I always thought they would look cool framed, and they do not disappoint!

Colorful framed glitter
Colorful framed glitter


Want to know my go-to decorating tip for a cozy space? Add greenery! (Yes, even if it’s fake, like mine usually are. 🤫#blackthumb)

If ever I feel like something is missing from a room, chances are it’s a little bit of that natural, organic touch that really brings a space together. Things just feel more alive and fresh.

Make It Yours

At the end of the day, your office is meant to be your own personal workspace, so you have to add the elements that make you feel happy, inspired, and productive. (Don’t forget creating a happy home is a pillar of designing happiness!)

I find I usually need to “live” (or in this case work) in a space for a while before I get into a groove and know what I need.

Plus, remember that a room doesn’t have to be huge to be functional — my office here is only about 144 square feet (12’x12′), but has all the essentials without feeling too too cramped.

And, as has been my lesson of the year, don’t be afraid to change things up as often as you need, either. As we change and grow, so should our spaces.

Questions? Comments? Have a favorite feature? Dying to know where I got something? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!