Learn to Take Better Confetti Photos for Social Media

Hey guys! Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you: a guest post from Cyrissa of Immerse Photography & Sparkle Society! As a kick-butt photog and business coach, Cyrissa has all the inside info about making your photography stand out on social media, and lucky for us today she’s sharing some super helpful tips on taking better photos using — you guessed it — CONFETTI! (Oh, and P.S. this post contains some affiliate links so Cyrissa knows I sent ya!) 

Six Ways to Take Better Photos of Confetti & Share them on Social Media!

Raise your hand if you love confetti and want to take better photos of the glorious stuff to post on social media!  Oh yeah!  I see you, on the other side of this screen, raising your hand!  I’m going to show you, confetti enthusiast, how to take better photos of this sparkly stuff and shine like a rock star on social media!

Whether you plan to use your confetti for a party, shower, or as home decor… you are going to want to document your confetti creations. But, sometimes, confetti can be a little tricky to photograph!  So, before setting-up your event or taking a single photo, let’s make sure you know what’s up!  Here are six tips to help you photograph confetti like a pro and share it on social media!

Three Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Confetti

  1. Make your confetti the star of the show.

Get up close and personal!  When you photograph something teeny-tiny, like confetti, from too far away, you will get nothing but a blob of color or, even worse, your confetti may not show up at all!

Take a few steps closer to your superstar and you’ll instantly take better photos!  You will see the individual colors and textures in a way that really makes the confetti pop in photos!

  1.  Take better photos of your confetti by using the aperture priority mode!

You know all of those gorgeous photos that you adore {the ones with blurred backgrounds}? Those are created by changing the aperture of your camera.  Find the little “A” or “Av” {NOT the green A – that means automatic} setting on your camera dial, spin it until you see the smallest number your camera allows. When you use a small number you’re communicating to your camera that you want a smaller area of your photo to be in focus!

Now – a little head’s up for you when you’re trying to take better photos!  Depending upon the quality of your lens, you may not be able to get a super blurry background, like the pros – but it will be better than if you had done nothing at all!  You may really enjoy taking a beginning photography workshop that walks you through more advanced techniques and helps you decide if a new camera {or camera lens} is right for you!

  1.  Make sure you have enough light.

The word photography actually means “to draw or paint with light,” so that should tell you how important light is to better photos! If you want your confetti to look amazingly vibrant, you’ve got to make sure you have plenty of light shining down on those little bits of happiness. Natural light is the best option, so open up some blinds or get close to a window! If you don’t have natural light available, use an overhead light or camera flash. Light that confetti up and you will be able to snap some amazing pics!

Three Ways to Create a Consistent Social Media Presence with Your Confetti

Now if you are a creative entrepreneur {or just want to look awesome on social media} you may want to know how to really make your confetti photos shine online.  I got you, boo!  Creating consistent social media branding is crucial to standing out on social media. While that might sound like a tricky thing to do, I promise you, my confetti-loving friend, it isn’t as hard as you think!  Let me break it down for you in three simple steps.

  1. Use Consistent Colors

Whether it’s in your images, your confetti, your text or your logo, choose 3-5 colors that will dominate your social media presence. When you check out my own Sparkle Society account, you’ll see a lot of hot pink.  That’s an intentional strategy I’ve used for years.  It’s my trademark color and ties my brand together!

Consistently staying inside your color wheelhouse is going to bring consistency to your social media newsfeed in a big way. So choose your event and confetti colors wisely, friend… because they should be all over your social media platforms.

Side note from Jessica: Since here at The Confetti Bar we specialize in custom confetti, the sky is the limit in terms of how branded we can make your special mix. Custom colors? Check! Custom hashtags, logos, and/or shapes? Check, check, check! Peep all the deets and order your custom mix right here!

  1.  Pick a Font You Love… and Stick with It!

This goes right along with using the same colors across your social media platforms. Choose 2-3 fonts or font families that you love and stick with them. Don’t get all crazy up in here every time you discover a new font. Use the same fonts on your social media graphics and, eventually, people will begin to associate those fonts with you and your brand!

  1.  Let Your Personality Shine {along with that glorious Confetti}

Don’t try to sound like everyone else. You have a unique way of talking, and that should come across in everything you post. I like sparkles, unicorns and love making everyone feel like we’ve known each other for years… even though they may have just found me online. That’s me online AND that’s me in real life. So, when I write something for social media, I use the same kind of language that I use in my everyday life.  What about you?  What phrases or sayings are uniquely you and can help you have more consistent social media branding?  Make a list and start using those words in your posts!

Ready to Take Better Photos and Share that Gorgeous Confetti Online?!

Look, I know that confetti is awesome all on it’s own!  But sometimes, you gotta help it sparkle and shine online so everyone else can enjoy your creations too!  Grab your camera and practice those tricks I taught ya!  Then grab your phone and post on social media with confidence, my sweet friend!

Loving these tips? Want to hang out and learn some more? I would LOVE that!!! Let me send you a FREE printable with the 3 Camera Settings You’re Probably Not Using. We’ve covered one of them here, but I’ve got two more for you… and they will probably blow your mind!

Or, if you feel comfortable with your camera and you’d like more help with your social media game, guuuuuurl, I got you!  Grab my free social media mini-series! I’ll show you how to increase your engagement, design a swoon-worthy Instagram bio, and save money with your Facebook marketing!  We’ll have you shining online in no time!

I’ll bring tons of practical information… you bring the confetti!  I’ll see you in class!


Cyrissa owns Immerse Photography and is a business coach at Sparkle Society; known for her contagious energy and social media savviness! With a Master’s in Art Education, experience on the CreativeLive stage, nationally published work, and thousands of sparkly photographers in her online communities, she is well prepared to help YOU shine online!  Get ready to be encouraged, educated, and empowered to make strategic and informed decisions for your business!