The Best Modern Poetry Books Full of Thought-Provoking Words on the Magical Hope of Wonder and the Healing Power of Facing Hurt

Best Poetry Books

T.S. Eliot was once quoted as saying, “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” Much like art is a visual unraveling of the soul, poetry allows us — as readers and/or writers — to explore a variety of feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Reading and writing poetry can act as a form of therapy to allow us to communicate with ourselves on a level we might not even fully understand, but can help us to reflect, heal, and even celebrate what makes us us.

Whether for a gift or for yourself, if you’re looking for inspiration and/or powerful words to fill head, heart, and soul, check out these modern, thought-provoking poetry books that are filled with ideas of magic, hope, love, and healing.

Best Poetry Books

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1. The Truth About Magic by Atticus*

Atticus is perhaps best known for his short-form observations that often touch on the subject of love. In The Truth About Magic*, he delves deep into themes of purpose and simple joys to remind us that “magic is everywhere — we simply have to look for it.” He has a knack for packing a lot of punch in just a few short words, making you think, observe, and question your feelings based on the contrast of his simple and direct language that is layered with much deeper context and meaning.

Words by Atticus

2. The Universe of Us (Volume 4) by Lang Leav*

The Universe of Us (Volume 4)

In The Universe of Us*, Lang Leav uses many longer format poems and prose pieces that speak to the magical pull of belonging to something bigger than us. Themes of wonder, nostalgia, and longing tie the book together. Through a collection of thoughts mixed with poems, you feel as though Lang is allowing you inside her head, inviting you to explore and reflect right alongside her.

Her Time Lang Leav
Words by Lang Leav

3. Songs of Peace by Anne Sparow*

Songs of Peace by Anne Sparow

Anne Sparow‘s work captivates in a way few other poets do, mainly because of her inherent ability to paint beautiful pictures in your head. Examples of her lyrical language include snippets such as “lights drip frozen glitter,” “a snowfall of butterflies,” “scavenger of light,” and “breathing pastel peace.” Songs of Peace* is a collection and exploration of beauty, often referencing nature as a universal theme. (Not to mention her Instagram page is the stuff of magical, rainbow dreams!)

Anne Sparow
Words by Anne Sparow

4. Songs with Our Eyes Closed by Tyler Kent White*

Songs with Our Eyes Closed by Tyler Kent White

One of the more story-driven poetry books on this list, Tyler Kent White‘s Songs With Our Eyes Closed* focuses more on exploring the human condition through the lens of a more personal journey. While many of the poems seem to hint at Tyler’s own story, the emotions and questions posed because of them are still universally relatable.

5. Stripped: A Collection of Inspired Writings for the Evolving Woman by Cara Alwill Leyba*

Stripped- A Collection of Inspired Writings for the Evolving Woman by Cara Alwill Leyba

As a best selling personal development author, Cara Alwill Leyba‘s work in Stripped* is perhaps more of an “anthem” for becoming the woman you want to be. The poems and thoughts within almost all speak to transformation in some way, and as the dedication states, this is a book “for every woman on the edge of change.”

6. wild spirit, soft heart by butterflies rising*

wild spirit, soft heart by butterflies rising

If there was one book on this list I would consider the most complete compendium of inspiring words, wild spirit, soft heart* by butterflies rising would be it. At over 400 pages, this poetic tome is filled with words for almost every stage of life you might find yourself in. Broken up into sections on self-love, healing, love, relationships & heartbreak, connection, humanity & society, soul, and spirit, there is inspiration and encouragement for a variety of themes. Overall the work seems to center on the idea of layers and growth, all with the single purpose of exploring the idea of connection, both to ourselves and others.

7. In My Head by J.M. Storm*

In My Head by J.M. Storm

Similar to Atticus, J.M. Storm is another poet known for deeply exploring love and relationships. In In My Head*, there is a definite theme of growth, as well as thoughts on healing and picking up the broken pieces.

JM Storm
Words by J.M. Storm

8. Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics*

Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics

Clementine Von Radics has an innate penchant for evoking all sorts of feelings through her writing. In Mouthful of Forevers* she explores both the uncertainties and beauties of life in a moving and profound way. If you feel lost, this might just be the book to help you find your way back.

9. A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything by Brittainy Cherry & Kandi Steiner*

A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything by Brittainy Cherry & Kandi Steiner

Best known for their contemporary romance novels, Brittainy Cherry and Kandi Steiner offer a refreshing “journey of discovering and healing” in A Love Letter From The Girls Who Feel Everything*. With themes of love, loss, worth, hope, and resilience, the words within are all about celebrating feeling all the feelings.

10. Becoming a Wildflower: poetry + prose for courage by April Green*

Becoming a Wildflower- poetry + prose for courage by April Green

If you’re looking for inspiration and encouragement within the realm of self-love, April Green‘s Becoming A Wildflower* is the poetry book for you. As the title suggests, the theme of growth & blooming is evident throughout, also touching on ideas of courage and acceptance.

Best Poetry Books

Any of these make the cut to be added to your TBR lists? What kind of poetry / poetry books / themes speak to you most?