If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that recently I’ve made some changes around these parts. And if you’re new here, just jump right on into this beautiful mess!

I’ve taken some time (a year+) to refocus and re-inspire myself (and refresh my brand a bit), so I wanted to celebrate by capturing all these new dreamy, magical vibes.

Before we get to the goods, you should know that I feel so incredibly lucky/blessed/honored to know some amazingly talented women who helped bring this vision to life.

  • Morgan, an amazing coworker turned friend, is the visionary behind the lens, so perfectly depicting each little piece of this visual story as photographer extraordinaire.
  • Madeline, my dear Monarch biz partner slash soul sistah, is the stylist behind bringing my vision board to life (and then some.)
  • And both Deana (hair) and Vanessa (makeup) from Christopher Michael the Salon — not only do they keep me feeling fine on the reg, but they went above and beyond to make me look & feel extra special. (Plus custom dyed those tape-in rainbow hair extensions!!)

I could go on and on about what this day meant to me (short version: everything), but without further ado, here is peek at all the magic going down in this new era of confetti! (And yes, even Curious got in on the action!)

  • To see all the sources for my colorful gallery wall, check out my Confetti Land HQ tour.
  • If I ever record an album, this will be the cover. 😂(jk, I can’t sing to save my life.)
  • A true friend pours you a confetti bath…
  • Whatchya think…should I go full rainbow hair?!
  • These shoes may or may not have been like $15. At Walmart. In the kids section. #keepinitreal